Is Sugar Ruining Teens Health?!?!


Have you ever wondered if teenagers need to cut down on their sugar/ carbohydrate consumption? Well today I will help either decide on if you should or if you shouldn't. My job is to either agree or disagree with the topic of the local,state, or federal governments should be able to restrict the amount of carbohydrates teens purchase. Here are my three reason why I take this stand.First lots of sugar ruins your teeth. Second reason is too many of these carbs which includes one of the three types SUGAR! which is showing in statistics how children aged 2 and over who drink sugar drinks on a given day between females and males.Lastly many health problems can come from drinking to many sugary beverages.The government should restrict sugary beverages because excessive teen consumption is linked to bad teeth, teen obesity, and many health problems.


Have you ever heard of tooth decay? Well look it up it's extremely important that you should know what's going on in your mouth. Tooth decay is basically the as what your dentist tells you when he/she says you have a cavity. A tooth decay shows openings in your teeth or holes. Those holes or openings are most times caused by the excessive amount of sugar. Which brings up the first point of the restriction. If teen were drinking less sugar don't you think there would be less bad teeth and braces and all that good stuff.

Are You Really Thirsty? Really?!

Teens that drink those sugary beverages most of the time are thirsty but sometimes aren't. Some drinks like Coke, Pepsi, Gatorade, Iced Tea are the healthiest drink choices. That's what most teens are choosing to drink instead healthy alternatives. They are definitely not drinking the amount of they need that are drinking more. Which brings up the second point teen obesity. The reason most teens are going to be classified as obese. Just because of what they buy or order to drink. Most teens won't like the classification of being obese.

Do You Need Help Sir?

If most teens turn out to be obese they need to start looking at the risk factors of being obese. They are the most common risk factors type 2 diabetes, heart disease,asthma, social discrimination. Which are most risk factors that teens are not ready to face. Also most teens don't know that those drinks that are so tasty are also very dangerous to your health. Don't get things twisted your can still drink sugary beverages but the amount drink risky.


On the other sides most teens feel that the restrictions should not be happening. Teens all feel that one of the reason of above is not true. Like the one about the bad teeth. They would say that their teeth are fine and and there is no tooth decay going on,but what most teens didn't look up while there online is that too many sugary beverages cause the tooth decay.