The 7th Grade Skinny

October 12th

Quote of the Week

"Interviewing adults is so much fun!" -a 7th grade student (no, really)

When your 7th grader comes home talking about who they interviewed and you don't know what they are talking about....

Let me give you the scoop! Last week marked the beginning of the 7th grade service-learning experience: the 7th Grade Intern Program. To begin this new program, students emailed every single faculty and staff member in order to set up a formal interview about what he or she does at MJS. Students learned email etiquette and strategies for good interviews. We practiced handshakes, smiling, coming prepared and saying thank you!

The next step will give students the opportunity to create resumes and apply to intern for faculty and staff members of their choice.

Stay tuned for more information!

Do students have school on Wednesday October 21st?

They do not! Conferences are two days this year! Wednesday October 21st and Thursday October 22nd are no school days in order to make these meetings possible. Click on the link below for opportunities for child care.

Your 7th grader is still watching old shows from the 70s and you realize that this TV App he or she is using may not be approved......

In case you missed the Parent iPad bootcamp here are some resources that may help you!

Approved Application List

Parent iPad Bootcamp Presentation

If you would like another Parent iPad Bootcamp scheduled, click on this to let us know

All I want to do is spend all of my free time at MJS.....well here's your chance:

Tuesday, October 13:

  • All home games! Come out and support our Volleyball teams and C Blue (The mighty English) football team.

Thursday, October 15

  • Girls A Volleyball @ Chandler - Dismissal 2:00 pm
  • Girls B VB & Boys B FB @ Chandler - Dismissal 2.25pm
  • Boys A Football @ Chandler - Dismissal 1.50pm for team photos

Next week carpool: Mercado

Giving Bank Monday October 19th: Bonfils Group 3: Alex Lewis, Natalie Watson, Milo Woods, Andrew Richmond and Emma Willingham. Drivers: Mrs. Richmond and Ms. Puerto

Giving bank schedule

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