BY Justin Roy

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Section 1 Analysis

Geography impacts where,how and why people live because weather or better trade/shops near by.

Globalization is a process of interaction and integration among the people.

The pros are free trade and the consumer and economy benefit. Advancements in technology, people have to adapt to new tech, culture and environmental changes.

The cons are smaller countries suffer the most and strain among job markets. pollution from cars and technology contribute to destroying the environment.

Globalization impacts the world through evolution.

Section 2 Application: related map skills

T shirts are made in Colombia

Environmental problem: A factory because the smoke from the tech.

Technological problem: The size differences for each person or size for everyone.

Cultural problem: The shirt offend someone in some way or hurt someones feelings.

Economic problem: The t shirts takes lots of water cotton and dyes.

Fixing the problem:Two ways to fix the technological problem and economic problem are to down sized and reduce pollution and find different materials to use to make the shirts.

Section 3 transfer: globalization & me

This is how globalization relates to me.

Technology: I see everywhere i go someone has a TV or a phone of a computer with a screen.

Environmental: I see it everywhere is go by the trees and woods and rivers.

Cultural: In some family's have different ways of doing things then others.

Economic: The Stores and other markets can trade money for food or the thing to trade depending on what store.

A 6 word story for globalization is:

Technology can help communicate with others.

Environmental can give shelter to animals.

Cultural places can always be different.

Economic is trade for other people.