Purpose for attack

The purpose for the attack on Iwo Jima was for two things, an airstrip for our bombers because they didnt have the range to reach Okinawa and back from the Marianas, and that it was the last "link in the chain" before Okinawa\ the Mainland. Japan new that that the US would take the island, so their sole purpose was to slow the Americans down at Iwo Jima to give them time for a "last stand" at Okinawa.


Monday, Feb. 19th 1945 at 9am

Iwo Jima, Ogasawara, Tokyo, Japan

Ogasawara, Tokyo

Lieutenant General Tadamishi Kuribayashi

Born: July 7, 1981 Died: March 23, 1945 (53 years old) Was lieutenant General in the Japanese Imperial Army. Commander of the Japanese Army on Iwo Jima. Another key battle he was in was the invasion of Hong Kong.

Admiral Raymond Spraunce

Born: Baltimore, Maryland on July 3,1886 Died: December 13, 1969 Was the overall Commander of the strike at Iwo Jima. Other key battles he was in was the battle of Midway, the Marianas, and Okinawa.

What happened...

1. In 1944, the invasion would start with the US bombarding the island. It would be the longest, most intense shelling of the entire war of the pacific.2. On feb. 19,1945, the invasion would start with over 450 ships sailing towards the island, and would deploy the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Marine divisions at the SW part of the island.3. A day after the invasion, the 5th Marine Division would take Mt. Suribachi, wich indicated that they had taken the southern part of the island. 3 days later, the  American flag would be raised on Suribachi.4. 5 days later, the 3rd Marine division began its push to the cener of the island, where the main airstrip was.5. By now, the Marine divisions stared working together to push them off the northern part of the island. This part included Hill 382, the most fortified section of the island. after they pushed them off, they would take the second airfield.6. On March 9th, the 3rd Marine division took the North beach, cutting off there reinforcements, and splitting their forces in two.7. As the 5th Marines pushed up on the west coast of the island, On the east coast, The 4th Marines would run in to a massive banzai attack of 700 men. The 3rd Marines would finish taking the Main airfield.8. Finaly, on March 10th, the Marine divisions would meet back up and by March 26, after a couple of small banzai attacks on the beach, the island was declared secure. 


US: 26,000; 6,800 dead

Japan: out of 20,000 defenders only 1,083 suvived