JJ seccombe

Geography of china

china consist of many rivers and mountains. a big influence of china is its coastline. one of the deserts in china is the Gobi desert.

Belief systems in china

one big belief system in china is Confucianism. in Confucianism they believe in filial piety, which is respect for your elders. they also have an orderly society. they also believe in yin and yang.

Conflicts in china

one major conflict in china was the opium war. the opium war was when the British ran out of silver and started selling opium to the Chinese. the Chinese got hooked and started using all of there silver. when the ruler found this out he put a stop to it.

The rape Nanking

this is when the Chinese went into japan and started to kill and rape all the men, woman and children. this went on for a while. When it was finally over there were so many family's scared and with the lost of love ones.

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