Course Update

8th Grade Science and Physical Science B, June 10, 2014

Everyone is underway!

Both groups have started school officially and had at least one due date. Some reminders for everyone who doesn't know:
  • Work is due every day by midnight. Look at your syllabus/schedule to find out what is due. Bold items are graded, non-bold items are not (but should still be done).
  • Contact me from your Georgia Virtual School email address. To find out how to get to that, go here.
  • You can and should work ahead, but don't just do quizzes and tests!
  • Everyone can use calculators at all times. Physical science students may use the reference sheet and periodic table provided under course information.
  • Recordings of the welcome sessions and course content presentations have been posted for each course under user links as well as some helpful additional material.
  • The schedule for teaching and help sessions going forward is Tuesdays at 10am: content for 8th grade science; Tuesdays at 11am: Physical Science B content; Thursdays at 10am: help for all sessions. Content presentations follow the 6 week schedule so 5 weekers may want to view older presentations as well.
  • Grades for the 6 week group have been posted to progress reporting. That happens from now on every Tuesday.