Biology News

Week 15

Welcome back from winter break!!!

What to Expect This Week?

I hope that you enjoyed your time off from school with your family and loved ones! If you were behind, I hope that you used that time to catch up.

Thanks for all the effort you all put into the Race to the Pace! I will send everyone who earned assignment exemptions from their participation in the Race to the Pace a message on Tuesday, 1/7. Please reply to my a message with the assignments that you would like to be exempted from by Friday 1/10.

This week is the last week of the semester. You have these five days to complete all of your work for the second quarter. If you have any questions about this and you need to contact me, do it ASAP! My website for DBA scheduling and tutoring requests is I will be in the office from 8 - 3:30 on Monday and Friday and from 8:00 - 1:00 on Tuesday and Thursday. Note that this Wednesday (1/8) is the last Live Day for the 2nd quarter so please come out if you need that extra help to wrap up the semester!!! See the information in the image.

See your specific class below for what's due this week! Let's work together to get you to the finish the class successfully!!!

Ms. Thompson

(904) 274-2430 Office/Text Email

Can't Make it to Live Day?!?

If you can't make it to Live Day, please reach out for a private tutoring session using

MJ2 (7th Grade Science)

What's due this week?
  • Introduction to Animals (TS)

  • Introduction to Animals (TS)

  • Introduction to Animals (CS)

  • Animal Behavior (TS)

  • Animal Behavior (TS)

  • Animal Behavior (CS)

  • Earth's Organisms (CS)

  • Earth's Organisms (TS)

MJ3 (8th Grade Science)

What's due this week?
  • FCAT Practice #1 (This will be posted by noon on 1/6.)
  • FCAT Practice #2 (This will be posted by 1 p.m. on 1/6.)


What's due this week?

  • Population Density and Distribution (Participation / Assignment / Quiz)
  • Population Growth Patterns (Participation / Assignment / Quiz)
  • Ecological Succession (Participation / Assignment / Quiz)
  • Module 14 DBA / Test (CS) / Test (TS)


What's due this week?

  • Gas Volumes and the Ideal Gas Law (Participation / Assignment CS / Assignment TS / Quiz)
  • Module 11 DBA / Test CS / Test TS

Physical Science

What's due this week?
  • Reactions of Acids and Bases (Quiz)
  • Acids, Bases and Salts in the Home (Participation / Assignment / Quiz)
  • Module 9 DBA / Test

Earth Space Science

What's due this week?
  • Steam Erosion (Participation / Assignment / Quiz) *No Lab!
  • Steam Deposition (Participation / Assignment / Quiz)
  • Lab: Erosion and Flow
  • Module 15 DBA / Test CS / Test TS

Environmental Science

What's due this week?
  • Biological (Assignment / Natural Selection Sim Lab / Quiz)
  • Module 12 DBA
  • Module 12 Test

Ms. Thompson

Middle School and High School Science Instructor

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