You're 30 seconds away from effortless inventory management.

Wouldn't you rather be spending time growing your business, talking to customers and doing what you love?

Managing inventory yourself is erroneous, time-consuming and gives zero insight.

Benefits of Shopventory

100% Free, No Strings Attached, For Two Months.

Shopventory pulls your item catalog, descriptions, and pictures from Square so you can immediately start tracking inventory. No need to re-enter items, Shopventory automatically takes care of that for you!


Our Story

Hi, we're Rares and Bach!

Like you, we're small business owners too. We started Shopventory to help our own wives (who own a small clothing boutique) gain control over their inventory management and get actionable sales data. Our goal is to make the best possible software for small business owners so that they can run the business they love.

Please feel free to reach out to us, let us know about your experience with our product and if there is anything we can do to help.


-2 Nerds on a Mission to Save the World