Are you tired of the boring city life on the east coast? Well come to the Smoky Hills region of Kansas. It is perfect for cattle because of all the fields for grazing. There is also lots of water for livestock, drinking water, and for crops. The smoky hills region is located in northern Kansas.


Have you been deprived of good farming land, well if your still looking for farm land then you should come to the Smoky Hills. The Smoky Hills have great soil perfect for planting and growing crops. In no time you will have enough food to feed the world. Also if you have cattle we have great land for them to graze and get fat quickly.

There is also lots of limestone that can be useful for fence posts, houses, buildings. The smoky hill river is huge and will provide plenty of water and fish for your family. Come by train or wagon today!

Another great thing about the Smoky Hills is that you will have room to do what you want, unlike the crowded city life. Also the Smoky hills has plenty of wild game that will put food on the table all year round all the animals that you could ever think of. One of the most common animals is the turkey they are great for your thanksgiving dinner. Other animals in the Smoky Hills are, squirrels, coyotes, rabbits, deer, ground hogs, bobcats, and much more. There is also plenty of wild plants that can be used lots of ways. There is no better place to move than the Kansas Smoky Hills.