January 6th-10th

Nord's Newsletter


Last week, Mrs. Froehlich and I worked with the students on questioning in informational texts. In this type of text, the students ask different kinds of questions. Some may be to further new learning about the topic or even unfamiliar vocabulary words. We want the students to ask questions Before, During, and After.

This week we will be assessing the students in their oral reading. The assessment is called DIBELS. The students will read 3 passages aloud for 1 minute each. I will report the median (middle) score. Right now, the students should be reading 86 words correct in 1 minute, 3rd grade winter standards for Urbandale. For example, a student has the following scores for words per minute(wpm)--79, 92, & 84. I will report 84 wpm since it is the middle score. Basically I take the high and low score out and the number left is the number reported.


We started Unit 6~Geometry last week. The majority of the concepts in this unit will all be new to the students. There will be a ton of new vocabulary along with these concepts. Last week, the students learned about line segments, rays, and lines. Not only will they need to know how to draw these lines but know how to write them correctly too. On Friday, the vocabulary of parallel and intersecting lines were introduced, and the students went on hunt in the classroom to find these specific lines. This week, the students will learn about angles and turns (rotations). Manipulates will be used to help explore this concept. By the end of the week, we will be explore various types of triangles and quadrangles.


We started our new unit-Simple Machines. The students realized in order for work to take place, something has to move; either a push or a pull. We did a few activities the two days we had school this week to explore these concepts. Next week, we will get into how machines are used to make life easier for us. We will begin learning about each of the 6 simple machines-lever, screws, incline plane, wheel & axle, pulley, and lever.


The time has come...we are officially starting cursive. YEAH!!!!! The kids are super pumped to learning it. So far the students have learned how to make the letter 'c', which we call the 'magic c'. It is called the "magic c" because it is used to make many of the cursive letters. I will try to teach about 3-4 letters a week with a day or two of review. It also depends on how many students are present when I introduce a new letter. IF I have several gone due to being absent, then I will have a review day.


Tuesday, Jan. 7th is Pump It Up Night. It is from 6-8PM.
Come in for your child to burn some of that bottled up energy from being cooped up all weekend. It will a perfect night!!! Too cold to do anything else.