My 2014-2015 School Year

The year I went to work

A year full of changes

This year was a big change in my life with the grades being updated instantly, and no report cards. My interests have changed a little bit now I deeply love math now, and the competition at Carmel Valley Middle School lets me hone my math skills as it is super competitive. My friends have also changed I made more friends with people who were interested in math, science and technology as those are my main interests. I have strong relationship with my parents and my friends. After coming to middle school I have made very strong relationships with some of my friends in elementary school I didn't have any true friends but after coming to middle school I can say I have friends that actually care for me. In my free time I mostly like to browse the internet usually watching Youtube online, sometimes I like to do math in my free time. My last change is that I have less free time as I have to manage my table tennis with my academics.
What is Computer Science?

In Conclusion

This Year had been great for me and all my changes affected my life in mostly positive ways. One thing that I wish that had happened differently this school year is that I wished I had learned more math in my math class in all my other classes I found the curriculum challenging and learned new stuff. This was not the case in math class I found math class quite boring as I new more than eight percent already. I am really stoked about next years math and science curriculum as I love physics and in next year I would be doing high school math which is more challenging for me.