Qi Baishi

by Francis Yang


He was born in Xiangtan Hunan and grew up in a family of low-income background. He lived with his parents, grandparents, and eight younger sisters and brothers. Qi Baishi was schooled for less than a year due to illness. However, he was too weak do much of the work and this was when he became a carpenter. While Qi Baishi was growing up, he came upon a Chinese manual of painting, this was what sparked his interest in art and painting animals, insects and other types. In his painting, depict things that people have seen however, he didn’t start following this motto until much later in his life. He first studied the "Manual of the Mustard Seed Garden"and used performers, mainly opera, for models to practice his work. After using opera performers as models Qi Baishi turned to anyone he knew to pose for him and Baishi has lots of painting throughout his life and he became one of the best painters in China and he painted with oil paste and paint.(wiki)


Chinese painting is one of the oldest artistic traditions in the world. This style is like native painting, but is different than Western styles of art. Traditional painting involves essentially the same techniques as dalligraphy. Usually Chinese painting is useing brush dipped in black or colored ink, drawing on the rice paper.


1864 1 year old
Whitehead was born in Xiangtan, Hunan January 1 Shop apricots dock star pond. Name of pure Chi, Wei Qing word, and the word Lanting. 27 years old renamed Juan, the frequent occurrence of the word, alias baishishan people, and number sent Park.
1870 8 years old
If the reading from the grandfather Zhou Yu, commonly penmanship book, the books of paper to paint.
1878 16-year-old
Thanks weeks as a teacher to learn the beauty of carved wood. Carpentry apart to residues of the "Mustard Seed Garden" as a teacher, learning flowers, birds, portraits.
1888 26 years
Xiao Xiang Gai worship folk artists as teachers of portraits.
1889 27 years
Worship HU Patio, Fan Siu learn poetry as a teacher, was Hu Patio help, from carpentry life, specifically learning painting, portrait man as breadwinner.
1894 32 years
And Wang Zhong Yan Deng Qiren knot "Longshan Poets Society", was elected president. After the CT Lai Um knot "Dora Poets Society", with poetry, painting, stone inscription.
1899 37 years
Xiangtan worship celebrities yun teacher to learn poetry. In the same year published the first set of Yinpu "send Park Indian survival", the Indian science Ding Jing, Huang Yi, precise rules can be spurious.
1902 40-year-old
Ying Xia Wu Yi invited to Xi'an to teach painting. Meet Fan Fan Mountain in Xi'an, best view of the Fan possession Bada, McKinnon and other famous paintings. This year, the bird wind changed, and embarked on freehand paths.
1903 41 years
Spring, from Xi'an to Beijing, met Tseng, Li Ruiquan, etc., during the summer afternoon, the Empress Dowager Cixi recommend Qi Yi intends to do inner court worship, the Kennedy speech. Summer, from Beijing to Shanghai, returned to Hunan, this is the "five five return" first excursion.
1909 47 years
Qi Baishi - Selected Paintings Plant Insects
1919 57 years
And Hu Sarah married since settled Beijing.
1922 60 years
Spring, Forerunner to Japan to open Chinese painting exhibition, all paintings exhibited Qi sold at high prices.
1925 63 years
Spring, serious illness, personnel do not know seven days and nights. Lying on his deathbed more than a month, stop painting, engraving. Mei Lanfang formal apprentice to study painting.
1926 64 years
Mother and father died too. Twice to stop painting, engraving.
1927 65 years
Taught at the Beijing College of Art.
1937 75 years
Listen to fortune-telling on a long Shashu Yi said, with the sneak method, since the department 77 years. In July, Peking fall, feeling anger, easily seen passengers.
1940 78 years
The first lunar month, his wife Chen Junchun died essays, "Ji Ms. Chen" culture. Of harassment against the Japanese invaders and traitors cable painting, posted "painting does not sell and guanjia" confession, declined to see off.
1946 84 years
Recovery Maihua engraving. October, go to Nanjing, Shanghai Office Exhibition
1949 87-year-old
January, the liberation of Peking. Premier Zhou Enlai attended receptions. Mao Zedong Stele printed two parties. Professor emeritus member of the Central Academy of Fine Arts.
1950 88 years
Was hired as the central MuseumLibrarian. April, had dinner and Mao, Zhu De

accompany them.
1951 89-year-old
February, more than 10 pieces of paintings participate in Shenyang City, "the Korean painting exhibition charity."
1952 90-year-old
With three days time, the Asia-Pacific region for the Beijing Creation Joji huge peace conference "with white dove of peace." In the same year, repeatedly writing entitled "Peace victory", "Long live peace" works.
1954 92-year-old
April 28, the Chinese Artists Association, held at the National Palace Museum "Qi Painting Exhibition" in August, was elected National People's Congress. September 15, attended the first National People's Congress.
1956 94-year-old
April 27, the World Peace Council announced that international peace prize awarded Qi Baishi, September 1, award ceremony was held in Beijing. Premier Zhou Enlai personally offered his congratulations.
1957 95 years
May 15, served as honorary president of Beijing Chinese Painting. 5 - June, the final piece of work "Peony." September 16, at the Beijing Hospital died. September 22, 1957 at noon memorial temple in Jiaxing, Premier Zhou Enlai and other central leaders attended the memorial service.
Qi Baishi was selected as one of the world's top ten cultural celebrities.

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