Please Stop Laughing At ME

By Jodee Blanco

summary of the book

The book Please Stop Laughing At Me has to do with this girl named Jodee Blanco and her story of her child hood and her story of her getting bullied.She went to the party and she got unconformable there so she called her mom and had her come and pick her up. Jodee mom called all of the kids parent the next day and told them what they where doing. So Jodee stated getting bullied again they started fiscally and mental abusing her again. She has bean bullied from elementry school in to high school

Conflict And Resolution

The conflict is character vs character. Because jodee is getting bullied and the conflict my option is she is getting bullied for being different. The Resolution is she never let the bullied beating her up and there words get to her in the end.

texual evidance