Kolb Eagle Flyer

December 2019

Message from Principal Clara Lee

Dear Parents and Families of Kolb,

As we approach the winter holidays and winter weather, please leave some extra time for getting to and from school. The bad weather can slow down traffic quite a bit, and we need to be extra cautious when crossing the slippery roads.

Over the break, I decided to attempt a digital-free day where all of us, parents included, were not allowed to touch our devices all day. I have to say, it was very revealing. My daughter begged me several times to watch her favorite Youtube videos, and my husband, who was cooking the turkey used his phone to constantly look up “recipes”. I reached for my phone several times for messaging and picture taking, and we all had to admit that we were far more addicted to our devices than we could ever have imagined just a few years ago.

We do have one rule in the home, and that is that when we are at the dinner table, we are not allowed to have our phones out. I did notice however, that this rule was harder to enforce with my own parents, who are in their eighties, as I was definitely not used to telling them what to do. Even they are constantly checking their email for the latest links that their friends are sending them from Youtube.

The point of all this rambling is simply, please set aside some time where you consciously dedicate time to your family for basic face-to-face communication. We turn to our devices far too often to manage our child’s behavior, kill some time, check on our friends, and before we know it, time has completely run away and our children are grown adults and leaving our homes. The time they are children is so precious and so fleeting. Please enjoy your time this holiday season to slow down and just be present. That is probably the best gift you can give your children.

Happy Holidays.


Clara Lee

Calendar of Events for November 2019

12/5 - Vision Screening 2nd Grade 2

12/5 - EDCC Christmas Show

12/5 - School Site Council 3:15pm Kolb Library

12/11 - Kona Ice sold after school

12/12 - Parent-Faculty Club Mtg 6:00pm

12/13 - PFC Family Movie Night 6:00pm (Doors open at 5:30pm)

12/13 - Spirit Day – Pajama Day

12/17 - DUSD Board Meeting 5:30pm at District Office

12/19 - Character Assemblies

12/20 - MINIMUM DAY– 12:42pm dismissal Gr 1 - 5

12/20 - Spirit Day – Pajama Day

12/20 - Kolb Office closes at 1:00pm


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Donations of New Toys and New Pajamas are being accepted at Kolb!

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Did your child lose something?

Be sure to check the lost and found bin in the hallway by our MPR. All unclaimed items will be donated during our Christmas Break

New After School Enrichment Classes Starting Soon!

Check out all the after school activities offered at Kolb Elementary!

Spanish ~ Actor Workshop ~ Sewing ~ Science ~ Art ~ Dance ~ Yoga ~ Engineering ~ STEM and much more!

After School Classes at Kolb!

  • Parent visits at lunch time are only for birthdays and when your child is star of the week.
  • It is difficult calling the class to get your child out within the last 20 minutes of the school day. Please arrive earlier if you need to pick your child up before dismissal.