Chain Reactions

at VERMONT STEAMspace at Vermont Teddy Bear in Shelburne, VT

Chain Reactions Extravaganza: A Family Event

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Chain Reactions Extravaganza: A Family Event

Sunday, June 17th, 12:30-2:30pm

6655 Shelburne Road

Shelburne, VT

VT STEAMspace at Vermont Teddy Bear

6655 Shelburne Road

Shelburne, VT

What is a Chain Reactions event?

Chain Reactions is a collaborative experience. You work mostly within your small group.

Independent of each other, each small group builds a contraption investigating cause and effect. Each “machine” consists of a sequence of events, commonly referred to as a Rube Goldberg machine. It gets interesting when all the machines in the room are linked. Each machine sets off another’s group’s machine, culminating in a performance in which the whole room comes to life.

We will have two types of components in our chain reaction. One is simply physical (ramps, balls, blocks, etc); the other is electrical (batteries, lights, motors, sounds, etc.). Join us for some hard fun!


Learn about cause and effect in an inventive way. Explore electricity, motors, friction, gravity, circuitry, and acceleration. Observing ways objects relate to each other, designs are constructed and tested instantly. Common objects behave in surprising ways leading to unexpected experiments. Solutions and creative designs are sparked by each participant's individual interests and ideas. Collaborative opportunities are available, too. Each table must trigger the next table’s contraption. The final collective "run" brings participants and groups together in a spirit of cooperation and celebration.

Who goes to a Chain Reactions event?

Children under age 8 are welcome with parent/guardian supervision. All participants between ages 8 and 15 must attend with a responsible adult. All adults are welcome to participate.

Children under age 5: no charge

Children ages 5-8: $10 per child

Children ages 9-18: $20 per child

Each adult: No charge if attending with a paying child

Each adult without a paying child: $20 per adult

All materials provided; nothing for your to bring except your own drinks and snacks.

Venue does not have easy-to-access food or drink for purchase.

What is this place?

VT STEAMspace at Vermont Teddy Bear is a unique makerspace for kids where students can learn new skills through classes, and then make their own stuff with our tools during open studio time. VT STEAMspace is operated through the Champlain Valley MakerFaire, a 501 c3 nonprofit which encourages making and STEAM (Science Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) throughout Vermont. Like our Facebook page Champlain Valley MakerFaire.

Who is orchestrating this event?

Cynthia E Day


Cynthia Day has been a classroom teacher for grades kindergarten through high school for twenty years. She attended the University of Vermont from which she received both her undergraduate degree in Economics and Environmental Studies as well as her Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction in Mathematics. She has taught in both New Hampshire and Vermont as well as in Miami Beach, Florida; Lima, Peru; and Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Newly a grandmother to twins, Ms. Day has been providing interactive booths at MiniMakerFaires in Vermont as well as providing experiences for Vacation MakerCamps. Presently, she provides afterschool MakerKids programming at the Green Mountain Performing Arts in Waterbury, VT.

Also Me:

Educator. Tutor. Tinkerer. Mild mathematical genius. MakerFaire enthusiast. Maker of things that move, things that light up, and things that make noise. Builder of things that get knocked down. Toy hacker and chain reaction builder. Re-user of stuff people throw away. Bulk buyer of batteries, micro-controllers, alligator clips, and hobby motors. Social media user. Coder of toys. Greenscreen video producer. Deep thinker. Aspiring podcaster. Avid Snapchatter. Downloader of all the apps. Owner of all the devices. Creator of cuteness, surprises, and messes. Fun haver. Reader. Grandmother of twins.

Social media accounts are linked below ⬇️. Follow me on Instagram or like my Facebook page dedicated to all things Maker and Kids. Check out my blog for some posts on e-textiles and wearables.
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