Solving Equations

Hudson Bird

The Equation

This Smore was made to help you learn how to solve equations. It will take you through step by step. Your equation is -5(4x - 2) = -2(3+12x)

First Step

The first step is to distribute your numbers in the equation. This means multiply the number with the parentheses with the one dirrectly outside of it for example 5( 4x - 2) is 5 X 4x and 5 X -2. After multiplying your equation should look like the photo.

Second Step

Now you need to combine like terms. In this case you need to combine both the Xs. You do this by doing the invers operation. So for negatives yo add and for positives you add. For division you multiply and for multiplication you divide.

Third Step

Now that you have your Xs all on one side you jus need to get rid of the -6. We do this the same way as we did with the Xs just add 6 to 10.

Final Step And The Answer

Now all that's left is to make 8x just x. 8x is really just 8 X x so to get rid of it you need to divide. 8x divided by 8 is x and 16 divide by 8 is 2. 2=x
Big image

Try it on your own

Following the same steps try to solve 7(-2 + 5x) = 3( 7 -8x)

Try it on your own answer (DO NOT LOOK UNTIL SOLVED)