October 19, 2015 @ 4:00-5:00pm @ Heritige Middle School

Last Volleyball game of the season! Liberty vs. Liberty North

The last Liberty 8th grade volleyball game is coming up soon! The 80's blue out game is a volleyball game where all of the fans wear 80's clothing, including, sweatbands, long socks, bright colors, rock and roll type of clothes, BIG hair, sweatpants, workout clothes, and much more!

Spirit bus!

There is also going to be an 80's spirit bus that will pick up the students that sign up on the form below linked, only the students that sign up. The spirit bus will NOT take the students back to DMS, You must have a ride home after the game.

If there is any questions...

I put the website down of the volleyball game schedual to show you where to find more information.