Horace Mann High School

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Holidays!


Thank you all again for all you do for our students. I wish you all the best and a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Oriole TIme

I'd like to review our groups for Oriole time after the holiday as several students who were recommended to be allowed out of Oriole time or who did well on their Star testing are now failing one or more courses(most look like due to not doing homework) and others grades have dropped.

If you have any specific students in your class you would like to make sure they are back in intervention please let me know.

The senior plc team will host a guest financial speaker to assist seniors in their future financial decisions. I shared with them if they would like to use Oriole time one day for this it's a great use of time.

If you have needs or thoughts to share for Oriole time 2nd semester please let me know. I am very open to if there is a need to meet with all juniors or seniors, etc to share with us.

ACT aspire

i am sharing with you today the school and individual reports from the ACT Aspire. I'd like plc groups to review/compare our results with that of Star and to look at some of the suggestions from ACT aspire. It appears many do not meet the text complexity area and there are two books that are suggested readings for students.


Just a reminder if a student begins to fail your class and you haven't already inputted a code 100 please make sure that you call home. It's a great idea to keep parents informed and updated as often as possible.

We will have final exams on Wednesday, Thursday, January 21-22nd(block days) and Friday will be a make-up day if needed.

Early Release-Inservice

On January 9th we will meet for approximately 40 minutes in the PAC(done by 1:30 if we can start at 12:45) to review Alice training.

Our January inservice day is morning work time and then pm a mental health presentation from Sarah Arnold. She will begin at 12:30 p.m. so lunch will be before then.


Continuing staff(all but Tom-new educator) will need to complete their second survey(analysis) by February 15th. If you need any help please let me know.

Just a reminder to also think about your mid year SLO (it is on the second SLO form on your Oasys).

If you need anything or have questions about your SLO, self assessment piece, documentation log or communication log please do not hesitate to let me know. I'd be glad to help!

Oriole Way

We met as an Oriole Way team and will continue to do a better job at sharing information. The group looked at SWIS data and a member of the group will present 1 x month at our faculty meetings from now on.

Thank you for completing major forms when a student is removed or a major incident happens(definitions of major/minor were sent out earlier).

Things to remember:

We all need to trust one another. We need to trust that all follow the tardy policy.

1. First hour if a student is tardy they are sent to the office to call home so parents can help and are aware.

2. A student receives two freebies per semester for tardies(less than 5 minutes). After two they must serve a detention with that teacher.

We also trust one another attendance is taken and grades are completed. We also need to trust that when a situation is major and a student is sent to the office-they are now in the office's hands.

1. If you remove a student please make sure you call(not email) home.

2. If you have any suggestions or would like to talk with Samantha about any disciplinary issues please feel free.

Questions asked:

I. If a student swears at someone or in class what happens?

The practice followed is if a student swears at a teacher and I"m aware of it the student is referred to Shawn for a citation or juvenile referral.

If the student swears in class it is typically handled by the teacher(unless it is a reoccurence and you need help).

2. How is truancy handled?

It's not perfect but parents are notified and if a student walks out of our building they will be referred to Shawn. I've had cases where a student is absent and a parent excuses them or others where the student is past their ten days. I try to use all avenues-Bridgett for an attendance plan, Shawn for help, juvenile intake, parents, etc.

Typically if it's a first offense the judge often holds the ticket open for the remainder of the year.

18 year old students who turn 18 before the semester are not allowed to be cited for truancy.

3. Is discipline consistent?

That is a good question and tough to answer as every situation is different and every student is different. I look at information from the teacher, counselors, parents, special ed, past situations, etc to try to make the right call. We purposely have options and use the word "may result in" in the handbook for that reason.

Please email me any concerns or questions about attendance and discipline and I'd be glad to answer.


Just another reminder of our early release schedule on the 23rd due to our pm holiday concert. Thank you to Gerry and Anthony for providing some cheer to us!

Attendance, etc

Another round of attendance letters just went out and we are all working together on attendance issues of a few students. If you have any questions please let me know.

Course Description booklet

Last call-I will email each department head but as a reminder we need to know updates for your course desciptions for the 15-16 Course Description booklet.

At the latest please get them to me by January 5th. thank you!