Letter From Montag

By Gabriel Hernandez

Dear Citizens of 2016,

I've sent this letter to let you know what society has become in this twisted reality that has now become my own existence. Things are horrible, nothing makes sense anymore because of the ban on books and the "advanced" technology that everybody has. My whole life I've been a fireman, now I have no idea what to do with myself. People don't socialize with one another anymore and only "socialize" with whatever screen is front of their faces. People live in complete fear of firemen, people cannot own books without risking everything they've ever built being burnt by the firemen. The education system is appalling, mediocre teachers leave all the teaching up to the technology at their disposal. Please don't let this become your reality, make a change. Believe me, nothing makes sense here. Not the place you want to be living in. Hold tight to your family and keep socializing the way you always have. Resist significant "advancements" in technology, further replacing human interaction and intelligence. And above all, protect your books. Form your own opinions, don't let your government tell you what you can't do. Books are essential to our variety, without them, life is dull and meaningless.... and dangerous.

-Guy Montag