El Porfiriato

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El porfidiato

In the economic area Porfirio Díaz searched to atract foreign investions which brougth perks and advantages to enterprises to grow thier companys. The mining, oil, electricity and train tracks which brought interest by other countries to invest money. Thanks to this inversions it brought many Jobs and restarted the economy.

Science Tecnology and culture

At the end of the 19th century our country started a modernization faze. Tecnology transformed life in mexico cars,byciles , elecricity which made drastic changes in Mexico. They made mor train tracks because they realized it was more comftable and faster to travel around Mexico.

Porfirian society and protest movements

Onece the refoem laws were established there was still land probems so the goberment put on sale the church and othr land to sale to who´m ever had the resources to keep it. This made people with money to make factorys building for thier companies. In these facories they paid the workers with cupons to Exchange in a store for food and they made them work between 12-15 hours daily. People made a strike to defend thier rights, The most important strikes were between 1906 to 1907 in the Factory riobravo