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Leader update

April week 1 Leader check in!

Quick VOLUME check in! By end of this week, here is where you should be to be pacing on track to hit your payrank GOAL.

Assoc Stylist 334TQV
Sr Stylist 667TQV
Star Stylist 1334TQV
Assoc Director 2667TQV
Director 6667TQV

Sparkling Pride is going for Director again this month and we are on track with 8021TQV! Let's keep this momentum going!

Moxie Pride and Stellanistas are going to be our Star legs for April!

When we hit Director, it is also going to trigger the Bangin' Bangles to hit Executive Director. This is also contributing to the RockSTARS hitting Diamond Director.

So you could say this is a huge month for our entire RockSTARS team!! Get ready! I know we can do this, and I want our team as well as all of the others involved to get recognized at Hoopla with these career ranks!

If you have questions about how all this works and is intertwined please let me know! I am always transparent about this and want leaders to understand what they are contributing to!

As a team we already have 4 qualified legs-- awesome!

Our trunk show pipeline is at 42 in-home shows. I would love for us to get that number up to 50+ and I feel confident that we can do it.

Here's what you can do this week as you work with your teams!

1. Get your teams participating in our Purple Dot Challenge group so that every trunk show is maxxed out!! I really want to focus this month on getting that sorted out so that stylists are earning what they deserve. If you know someone on your team that needs help, let me know and we can work together. I am going to award participation prizes at the end of the month!

2. I also want to put the online trunk shows back on your radar-- last month we had 20 online trunk shows in our pipeline, and only 2 of those were qualified trunk shows; many of the others only had one order. (Compare to 46 in-home trunk shows, and 38 were qualified.) Please encourage your stylists to do in-home trunk shows when they can, the results will be much higher. If they want to do online trunk shows, please make sure they are coached on how to do it successfully. I have been observing online trunk show events from our team and the ones that are successful have two things in common-- a very engaged hostess who is posting, and a stylist who is doing a LOT of personal reach out to get the orders.

Also please remind your stylists that if a trunk show cancels, to delete it from the system.

There are often a handful of trunk shows at the end of the month with 0 orders, and this counts against our team numbers. If you see one in your pipeline, it is a good reason to reach out to that stylist because she could be discouraged! Give her some advice on how she can bounce back from it!

3. Encourage your teams to participate in Global Meet Stella&Dot day! We will have a RockSTARS online Meet S&D tonight. If you need to be invited or need WTS, please let me know! Growing your team is an important part of leadership because we know that stylists will cycle in/out of business. So let's take advantage of this amazing bonus month and grow our teams together!

4. Cheer your stylists on towards scoring a gorgeous EXTRAORDINARY bracelet! This is DOABLE for everyone, and I think it is so awesome that our home office gives us sweet perks like this! Plus those qualified team members will also be working towards their StyleFix AND will count towards your leadership requirements!! It's a WIN for all!

5. We have a lot of new stylists! Please make sure they have booked their launch date and have time set on the calendar for new stylist training, invite them to shadow one of your trunk shows! I am available for anyone who wants to co-coach their new stylist! Just let me know and we will set it up. We want all of our new stylists to be successful and hit Quickstart/Jumpstart!

Map out your plan for this month!

Use the compensation plan guide below! What payrank are you going for this month? Does your team have enough trunk shows to make it happen? Here are our recommendations:

Associate stylist 4

Senior stylist 8

Star 15

Associate Director 30

If you need help mapping out your month please let me know! I am happy to guide you through it!

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StyleFix has been UPDATED!!!

Please review the new info with your team and make sure they know that if they want the $500 for $99, their best option is to qualify each month! This is going to help you as leaders to meet your career rank requirements as well!

If you have any questions about this please let me know!

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Thank you for all you to do lead your teams! XO