A Report By H. Taylor

What is Asbestosis?

Asbestosis is a disease which makes it difficult to breathe and put oxygen in the bloodstream. It is not contagious, but over 200,000 Americans are living with Asbestosis. The peaks of his disease were in the early 1930's and late 1970's.

How does Asbestosis affect me?

Asbestosis causes fatigue and difficulty breathing. Asbestosis is caused by fibers called "asbestos fibers" which when inhaled may infect a lung cell. Previous damage from use of tobacco may speed the process and cause other risk factors to your lungs when in contact with asbestos fibers.

Who's had Asbestosis?

Steve McQueen, a famous actor, was exposed to asbestos fibers when he was enlisted in the army. He had to remove asbestos lagging from pipes, which was eventually enough exposure to cause Asbestosis. There are currently no cures for Asbestosis, but there are many ways to cope, which include checkups with your doctor. Your doctor may conduct tests and tell you what you need to do to stay fit. Asbestosis is common in any areas of the world with construction. Asbestosis fibers are common in construction material, so when handling materials with Asbestosis fibers it is best to wear a dust mask so to prevent inhalation of the Asbestosis fibers.