Funeral Planning Guide

Eternal Rest Funeral Home

Things to Consider

Nobody wants to be granted the funeral planner, there is a lot of things to consider when planning death rituals and the process is extensive, but don't worry, this guide is here to help you make the planning process easier. There is a variety of cultural aspects to look at when planning. Our culture experts will help guide you specifically through your planning process to match the ritual to your wishes: the remains? open casket? burial? clothing? readings? music? time of service? All of these and more will need to be talked over will our planning advisor.


We do have a financial advisor that you can speak directly too. Sometimes the family member requests the most cost effective ceremony. Some things to consider when on a budget might be cremation, (cuts the cost of casket, burial, etc.) simplicity, preparing your own food, donations etc. You give us the budget, and we will work everything else out. Options, options, options!

About us

Eternal Rest Funeral Home has been helping people like you achieve satisfactory ceremonies since 1989. It is owned by the Priest family and has a team of very helpful staff. You do not need any planning experience or knowledge to create the perfect death ritual, Eternal Rest Funeral Home is going to guide you and your lost loved one all the way. We let you take the reigns, or if you'd rather, we will take them off your hands. Our culture and planning experts will assure you the best ritual. Our team of advisors will go over everything with you before the service and make any changes upon your request. We will help you with the basics and gather all the information we need to help give a satisfactory ceremony. To start planning, contact us by email or phone first, to assure no disturbances during current ceremonies. Our staff will direct you from there.


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