Today we aren't going to introduce you to another test or video, but we are going to see how we want AIESEC to be in 2020. Check on the link http://www.aiesec2020.org/
Welcome to the AIESEC 2020 Project
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GIPi was fuck*** awesome this month! Congratulations to the team and also to Rafael, who was elected prominent member!!!

Leadership Day

Thanks all of you who was at Leadership Day. We have heard many stories of motivation and learned much more about leadership. We hope you enjoyed it as much as us.
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lCP election

Applauses for the applicants!!! Don't forget: read the applications and check the right time to arrive at UDESC. WE CAN MEET OUR NEW LCP THIS SATURDAY 'O'

Date: 12

Hour: 09h

Where: B 07 - UDESC

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Discovery Days

Hey, guys! MNs are comming and so is our last Discovery Days of the year. Let's make it the best we've ever seen! So, please, read the booklet, sign up, and pay the FEE! Another thing: do not forget your costume for the party :)

Link of the booklet:http://issuu.com/fernandaalmeida9/docs/booklet_dd_2015.2

Sign up at: https://nanverli.typeform.com/to/pfXnf3

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Happy birthday to...

roll call of the month

AI 2015-2016 roll call IC 2015 India

joinville next events


Do you got a question about how to complete the assessment? Do you know where are Team Minimus materials? Want to know or give a suggestion for the next training? We want you to remember about the TM SAC! Just send an e-mail to tmaiesecjoinville@gmail.com and one member will assist you as soon as possible! Use without moderation.

See you next month!