Element Wanted: Magnesium

A message from the PCTF

Some Basic Information

At the PTCF, a jailbreak has occurred. A wild element named Magnesium is on the loose. Be sure to tell the PTCF if you see an element who follows these guidelines:

1. Goes by "Magnesium". This element has no alias'.

2. Has an atomic number of 12 (or has 12 protons)

3. Has an atomic mass of 24.305

4. Has a melting point of 650° Celsius

5. Has a boiling point of 1090° Celsius

6. Is solid at room temperature

7. Is bonded with elements such as Phosphorous or Oxygen.

8. May be hiding inside of minerals such as dolomite or carnallite.

9. Is found hanging out with it's family (beryllium, calcium, strontium, barium, or radium).

Some Background Info.

Magnesium was first discovered in 1808 by a man named Sir Humphrey Davy. It is an alkaline earth metal, which means it is somewhat reactive.

Ways you might see magnesium

Call the PTCF if you see Magnesium, or any of his family members!

Be cautious around Magnesium!

Magnesium is hazardous. It can cause “Metal Fume Fever”, irritate the skin or eyes, and is even poisonous. It may also spontaneously ignite. If you see magnesium, please tell the PCTF immediately! He is very important in making mirrors, batteries, missiles, and other important items!