Adding a Course

in Eduphoria Workshop

Adding a School Course to Eduphoria Workshop schedule allows staff to enroll for the course at a specific campus. Adding a District Course allows anyone in the district to register for the course. Below are instructions on how to create a course.

If you have questions or if you are missing any of the tabs referred to, please contact me.

1. Log into eduphoria! using Google Chrome

5. Click 'Create School Course' in the bottom left corner if only campus staff will be enrolling. Click 'Add New Course' if this is a district wide course. Then click 'Next to continue'

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For detailed instructions on completing the requested set-up information, click on the following link:

How to Manage eCourses

For this link to work make sure you are in Google Chrome. If an error is received, clear your browsing history in Chrome/Settings/History. Then try the link again.