The Basics of Somalia

Location-located along the horn of Africa, bordering the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean.

Weather-Somalia most of the year is Hot and dry but has occasional other weather types.

Climate Type- Somalia is mostly desert with moderate temps in the North and hot in the South.(4 distinct seasons, but overall hot and dry)

Characteristics- The terrain of Somalia is mostly flat with some rising hills in the Northern part of the country.

How to fit in:

Languages- Languages commonly spoken in Somalia are Somali, Arabic, Italian and English.

Folkways-Normal clothing worn by the men are either Macawis or Khamis, also coloful Turbans. The women typically wear Guntiinos and if they are married a scarve around their heads.

Taboos-Some bad crimes in Somalia are drug trafficking, piracy, smuggling, kidnapping, murder, etc.

Values-Somali people value family, friendships, loyalty, and the ancient land of Punt.

Counterculture-Piracy has gotten pretty bad in Somalia, the Somali pirates are former fishermen that target big international ships to take over and demand ransom.

Deeper into Culture

Subcultures-Somali Bantu

Culture landscape-Football and Basketball are the most popular sports in Somalia. Pottery is a big form of art in Somalia.

Evidence of cultural diffusion-major imports going into Somalia come from Italy, Ethiopia, Kenya, China, Saudi Arabia, India and Pakistan, and the U.S. and Great Britain.

Evidence of Culture change- Somali people are starting to dress more Westernized wearing clothing such as jeans, hats, sweatshirts. Former fishermen are now getting involved in piracy because the fish population is shrinking, therefore they have been holding ships hostage for ransom money.