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Photography Lancaster PA

Lancaster Pennsylvania offers one of the most beautiful settings for photography in the country. Whether you are planning a wedding or another type of event, outside pictures are a must.

When seeking out the right photographer in Lancaster PA, be sure to ask the following questions of those you interview:

How long have you been in business?
How many events have you covered?
How many weddings have you photographed?
Do you take pictures in both a studio and on site?
Do you handle any of the school functions?
Do you have a portfolio?
Have you taken many outdoor pictures?

Regardless of the type of event you are holding, the questions above are designed to help you understand the overall experience of the photographer you are considering. Let’s take a look at some of these questions in detail.

How long a photographer has been in business will certainly help you to understand how experienced they are. Remember that in today’s world of digital cameras, there are hundreds of people buying inexpensive equipment and placing an ad in the paper. Obviously these are the people you want to stay away from that in most cases will produce very poor results.

If you are celebrating a marriage, you want to know how many weddings they have covered and if they have a studio. While it is great to take outdoor pictures you cannot predict the weather. Studio pictures offer many backgrounds that can give you the desired results. Studios also show you the experience and expense a photographer has gone through to assure desirable results for you.

The question about school functions is a big one. This will show you if the Lancaster PA Photographer is trusted by organizations that are not willing to take chances.
It is best to meet the photographer at their place of business. Again, if they don’t have a place of business you are probably dealing with someone that has limited experience and certainly limited resources to assure the results you desire.

When looking through their portfolio, ask many questions. You will find the types of poses they desire, if there is a combination of indoor and outdoor pictures, and if studio pictures were taken. When you sit down to review their portfolio there are several questions you should be asking for your specific event:

What types of poses will you take
How early will you have your equipment set up prior to the event
Will you be taking pictures at our home prior to the event (especially for weddings)
Will you be taking indoor and outdoor pictures
Will you be taking pictures in your studio
What types of backgrounds do you offer

This entire article is designed to help you have the memories of your special event that you deserve. Ask the questions and do a little research because you don’t realize how important the right photographer is until you have bad results, they can be prevented.

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