Gavin boles


In the Middle of North American Prairie is a huge area of grasslands, and in North America there are grasslands all over the world, South Africa

General charities

It has lots of grass, lots of flowers, a lot of types of flowers, big areas

Weather and climate

Most areas have either short grasslands or tall grasslands, but most of the weather/climate is moist so they will grow

Temperature for grasslands

January to about June is about 20 degrease oF

And July to about December is about 70 degrease oF


The precipitation is about 10-20 inches


Grasslands location are on forms, and rolling hills and big areas


Sweet coneflower, purple coneflower, aster plant,Poison ivy,


Here are some of the animals that live in the grasslands

Ecological concerns or issues

In grasslands during hot weather it is very easy to start a brush fire and once that happens then it could wipe all of the grass out or animals even homes.