A Christmas Carol

By: Kayla Schakel

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Stave One


Is the main character of the story. He is a very grouchy old man. He doesn't have a lot of friends or a lot of family. He has his own business. He works as an accountant

Bob Cratchit:

He is Scrooge's clerk. Scrooge doesn't treat Bob very well. He is a very kind man, but he is very poor. He has a very big family to provide for. He has a son, Tiny Tim, who is very sick.


He is Scrooge's nephew. He was the son of Scrooge's daughter. Fred always invited him to come to his Christmas Party, but Scrooge always turns him down

Ghost of Marley:

He was Scrooge's business partner. He passed away 7 years ago. This didn't affect Scrooge, he only cared about himself. Marly ends up coming to see Scrooge. He shows Scrooge his chains from the after life, and warns him of the consequences of his greediness.


The Ghost of Marley comes to see Scrooge, so Scrooge can live a better life. Marley has huge chains in the afterlife. His chains represent how greedy he was. Just like how greedy Scrooge is. He is trying to warn Ebenezer to fix his life, so he doesn't have to have these chains.

All the Ghost you'll ever need

Stave Two

The first ghost that see's Scrooge is the Ghost of Christmas Past. He was a short ghost although he was very muscular. The ghost always seemed to focus in and out of vision. The ghost carried a branch of holy and a thing to put out the light, candle, shining out of his head. The Ghost of Christmas Past ends up showing Scrooge three places. These places are all of the Past Christmas's that Scrooge has had.

The Boarding School:

First he takes him to his old School House. When Scrooge was little he went to a boarding school. When the Ghost takes Scrooge here he see's all the other kids leaving for home. They are all celebrating that they get to go home for Christmas. When Scrooge and the ghost enter the School they see a young Ebenezer Scrooge sitting in the corner reading. This takes Scrooge back to all the good books that he read. Just when they are about to leave Scrooge see's a little girl running up to him, Fan. She tells Scrooge that father is a lot nicer now, and that father said he could go home for Christmas.

Mr. Fezziwig's:

The ghost then takes him to Mr. Fezziwig's. Scrooge was Mr. Fezziwig's apprentice. They show Scrooge having a wonderful time at the party. He dances with this lovely lady that ends up being his fiancé.

The Break Up:

The last place the ghost takes Scrooge is to a meadow where he see's a beautiful young women and a young man, Ebenezer Scrooge. They show how the woman, Belle. Is breaking up with Scrooge. She says that he isn't the man that he once use to be. He is more greedy than ever. They use to be poor and happy, but now Scrooge has taken a turn for the worst. At this scene Scrooge gets very upset. He begs the ghost to take him back. When the ghost doesn't take Scrooge back he throws the ghost's night cap over his head. Once he opens his eyes back up he is back in his room save till the next ghost comes.


I think the reason that the ghost takes him to all these places is to show that Scrooge went through a hard time, but he still made it joyful. Scrooge had Fezziwig to show him how to be merry. Scrooge even had a fiancé. Although, he had all these things the ghost is showing him how much stuff he ruined for himself just because he got greedy, and how happy he was when he wasn't greedy.

Stave Three

In this stave Scrooge gets visited by the Ghost of Christmas Present. He is a very big ghost. He reminds me of the green giant off on the can of green beans, but he doesn't have green skin. He wears a big green robe. He is surrounded by all kinds of Christmas foods. He also has has a huge torch in his hand. This ghost also takes Scrooge to about four places.

Bustling City:

The first place the ghost takes Scrooge is to the streets of the city. He sees people as they happily make their ways down the streets. They admire the smells and the sights of each store, and call out a "Merry Christmas" to people walking by.

Bob Cratchit:

The second stop is to Bob Cratchit's house. They show Mrs. Cratchit making a goose, and the older children return of the holiday. They also show Bob carrying in Tiny Tim. Tim wanted to go to the church to see if people would help him out, so he can be looked at like a normal kid. Although they don't have a lot they still make the best of the festive holiday. Scrooge begs to know if Tiny Tim will die, and the ghost says, "Given the current conditions in the Cratchit house, there will inevitably be an empty chair at next years Christmas."

Miners & Sailors:

The ghost takes Scrooge to isolated places to show that no matter where you are people can still celebrate the joy of Christmas.

Fred's Party:

The last place the ghost takes Scrooge is to Fred's Christmas Party. Scrooge has a blast there. He ends up playing games with them for hours, although they can't see Scrooge. During one of the games they make fun of Scrooge for being an animal. This upsets Scrooge, so then he wants to return home.


This ghost is showing that many people celebrate the joy of Christmas. He is showing Scrooge that no matter if people are with their family and friends, or out in isolated town. They can still find that joy.

Stave Four

This is the last of the ghosts who visit Scrooge. This is the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. He is a very scary looking ghost. He will remind you of the grim reaper. He never actually talks to Scrooge he just points his boney hand. This ghost takes Scrooge to six places.

The Black Market:

When the ghost takes him to the "black market" Scrooge sees his these two women and a man selling these dead mans things. He doesn't know who died, but he does know that it is connected with him somehow.

The Body:

The ghost then takes Scrooge to this bedroom. You can see that the dead man is covered by a sheet. Although, his face is almost sticking out. The ghost then tries to have Scrooge pull back the sheet, but Scrooge won't do it. The body is very unkept. There are mice scratching at the walls, and a cat scratching at the door.

Bob Cratchit's:

Next the ghost takes Scrooge to the Cratchit house. They show how sad it is at the Cratchit house because Tiny Tim didn't make it. The family is having a hard time with it, but they are still strong. This makes Scrooge wish that he had done something for his clerk. He wishes he wasn't so hard on him.

Only Emotion:

The ghost then takes Scrooge to a young couples house. Scrooge had been begging the ghost for some emotion in the death. He had been wanting to be shown emotion, someone grieving or anything. The ghost doesn't give someone grieving, but he does show emotion. The husband of the couple came home with some good news for with wife. This couple just found out that Scrooge died, but Scrooge doesn't know he was the one dead. The couple owed Scrooge money, so they were happy that they didn't have to pay him back because they didn't have the money to pay him back.

Business Men:

Scrooge see some business men on the street talking about the mans death. They exchange quick hello's and ask if they are going to the funeral. They talk about how they sill go to the funeral just for lunch and to see each other.

The Grave:

The last place the ghost takes Scrooge is to the outside of his office. Scrooge doesn't recognize the people in the store. He doesn't know if he moved on to something else or what he was doing. He just knew that it wasn't his office. The ghost doesn't want him to go into the office however. He wants him to go over to a grave yard in the church yard across the road. When he goes in the grave yard he sees the ghost pointing at a grave. When Scrooge goes over there what he sees is "Ebenezer Scrooge" written on it.


I think the reason for this ghost is to show Scrooge what other people will think. Most of there people didn't even care that he is gone. The ghost is trying to wake Scrooge up. He is trying to say that if your just like this for your whole life no body will care if you die. People will just come to your funeral just to eat and see each other.

Stave 5


In the last stage of A Christmas Carol Scrooge is very grateful to be alive. He says that he will live like all the ghosts, in the Past, Present, and Future. He ends up buying the big turkey prize for Bob's family. Although, he doesn't say who it's from. He then ends up going over to his nephew's house for a Christmas meal. Now, instead of being described as a grouch. He is now the person that people say can keep the Christmas spirit alive no matter what.


The moral of this story is that no matter what you can change your ways. Scrooge had been a grumpy old, greedy man for his whole life, but he still has the chance to change. He learns that nobody would care if he passed away. Because nobody cared about him, and he didn't care about anybody but himself. Scrooge then ended up changing his ways so he will be loved, and there will be emotion over his death. He set his mind to it, and he achieved it.

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