Wild Hair Studio Virtual Trunk Show

November 1 thru December 2, 2016

Fine Print

  • All items are sold on a first come first serve basis. I will honor purchase request in the order they are received.
  • Once you receive your paypal invoice please pay within 48 hours. I will reserve the requested items for 48 hours, but if the invoice is not paid within that time the item(s) will be available for sale to the next person.
  • Items will ship on the Monday following receipt of payment, possibly sooner.
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  • Prices listed do not include shipping costs. Buyer pays shipping.
  • Prices are listed in US dollars.
  • Etsy shop coupons/discounts are not valid for trunk show items.

Trunk Show Specials

Items marked as Trunk Show Specials are available at a sale price through the trunk show. These items are 10% or more off of regular price. Prices listed already reflect the discount.

Domestic orders of $50.00 or more will receive a 50% shipping discount. International orders of $50.00 or more will receive a 25% shipping discount.

Special note for Tennessee Tech Univ community

I will be happy to deliver items to TTU and save you shipping costs. Orders delivered to TTU may be paid for with cash or check at the time of delivery. Leave me a note in the comments section of the order form.


80/20 Purebred Romeldale/CVM wool/Nylon Blend (mill spun)

Natural colored (undyed) Sport Weight Yarn.

200 yards per skein

If you would prefer to have your skein in a center pull ball, please leave me a note on your order.

Other Mill Spun Yarns

Mill Spun - Hand-dyed Yarn

I have like yarns photographed and listed together. You are purchasing the actual center pull ball shown.

Hand-spun Yarn

This yarn has been hand spun from our batts and smidgens. Some of the colorways are still available in the Spinning/Felting Fiber Section.
Big image
left to right:

Petunia Dursely -contains Purebred Romeldale/CVM wool, and Coopsworth wool from our farm, and bamboo. Approx 267 yards, 2 ply yarn - $43.00

Fwoopers - a blend of Purebred Romeldale/CVM wool and crossbred wool from our farm, bamboo & Angelina. Approx 185 yards, 2 ply yarn - $30.00

Fwoopers - a blend of Purebred Romeldale/CVM wool and crossbred wool from our farm, bamboo & Angelina. Approx 150 yards, 2 ply yarn - $24.00 SOLD

Bertie's Botts - Batch 2 - this is a multi colored yarn, which is not shown to its fullest in the center pull ball. Contains wool from our farm and other luxury fibers Approx 168 yards, 2 ply yarn - $27.00

Rug Yarn (mill processed core spun)

Purebred Romeldale/CVM wool has been core spun around a cotton core.

Spinning/Felting Fiber

Batts and Smidgens

Most of these colorways only have 1 available. I prepare 4 oz packages and also 1 oz packages for our booth and some colorways have both sizes available, others do not.

Most 4 oz packages consist of 4 batts.

Photos are examples of batts from the colorway.

Art Batts (Highly Textured)

The batts in our Wild Hair Studio Art Batt Series are highly textured. Fiber and locks from our farm are skirted, then hand washed and dyed. The fibers are lightly carded with luxury add ins. Art Batts work great for core spinning, art yarn spinning or other textured spinning or felting projects.


Mill processed, undyed roving.

Please note the roving may have occasional pieces of vegetable matter.

Hand Washed Wool Locks

Rose Fiber

Rose fiber is a very soft, silky fiber.

These braids are numbered. Please indicate which braid(s) on the order form.

Weaving Loopers

Hand Painted Warps

All of these warps are 100 thread, approximately 4 foot long.

Hand Painted Cotton Skeins

Cotton Thick and Thin yarn

Handmade Items

Handmade Stitch Markers

These stitch markers each have a smooth, snag free loop

Wild Hair Studio

Wild Hair Studio is a small family farm and fiber studio located in Tennessee. We raise Purebred Romeldale/CVM sheep, Registered Gotland sheep and crossbred sheep. We offer roving, batts, smidgens, yarns, felt and other items which feature the wool and fiber from our farm.

*Purebred Romeldale/CVM sheep are a critically endangered American Heritage breed known for their next-to-the-skin soft wool,

To place an order you may either submit the Google form or send me an email with your name, mailing address, paypal email, and items you are ordering. Members of the TTU community who are paying for items at the time of pick up do not need to send a paypal email.