Poaching On Protected Animals

Tens Of Million Animals Are Killed Per Year From Poaching

What Is Poaching?

Poaching is the illegal taking of wildlife, in violation of local, state, federal or international law.

Why poaching needs to stop

Poaching is protected areas is wrong, but people still continue to do it. People poach for the huge profit in the black market but it’s causing even bigger environmental problems.

Poaching is a major reason why many animals are going extinct and are endangered. But by placing better security and enforcing poaching laws to the max it would help deter people from wanting to poach. Poaching is making many animals go extinct and wildlife is becoming unbalanced in predator vs. prey.

Its effecting the world and environment:

  • Animal populations are unbalanced
  • Countries are losing money from less tourist

This can stop poaching by:

  • Having better control on gun laws
  • Enforcing poaching laws to max
  • Making sure its better security for the animals
  • Putting an end to the Black Market