Partnering for Impact

Secondary Instructional Partners

Our Partnership

Alyson, Courtney, Mary, and Missy,

I am so excited to have the opportunity to partner with the four of you. As we form our secondary partnership, please give some thought to the following questions.

1. How I can best partner and support the vital work that you do in your schools daily?

2. Are weekly "support meetings" something that you would want?

3. How can we partner and support each other?

4. What do you need to grow professionally in your role as IP?

5. How can we create a "go-to" place for sharing resources, ideas, etc.?

When we meet on Tuesday, please be prepared to share one insight that has worked well for you as an Instructional Partner and perhaps an area that you would like to be more intentional about as you look forward to this school year.

I look forward to partnering and growing with you this year, Jeanne

Jim Knight

Last night, Jim Knight joined the chat at Educoach. He shared these 5 things that he feels are important for an instructional partner to succeed.

1. IPs need to understand how to work with adults---we call this the partnership approach. We create trust if we know our stuff, are reliable, kind, empathetic, and focus on others more than ourselves.

2. IPs need to have a deep understanding of the teaching practices they share with teachers.

3. IPs need to understand how to set goals with teachers and how to achieve those goals. They help teachers set goals that matter to them and help them achieve them.

4. IPs need to employ excellent communication skills.

5. IPs need to have effective leadership skills, balancing assertiveness with responsiveness.

So excited to be in the presence of the guru Jim Knight on August 15th!!!

Instructional Partner Collaboration

Wednesday, Aug. 13th, 11:30am-1:30pm

Alyson Carpenter's Room @ James Clemens High School

We will decide our lunch plans on Tuesday. I will bring dessert:)

#Educoach Chat

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When: Wednesday at 9 CST

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