Miss Shorna's Snippets

April 11th-April 15th

Lafayette Aviators-Grand Slam for Reading Program

Last Friday I sent a paper home regarding the Lafayette Aviators-Grand Slam for Reading Program. Your child has an opportunity to earn a FREE ticket to a Lafayette Aviators game this summer. Please refer to the paper with directions on how to earn this free ticket. The "Baseball Diamond Tracker" sheet should be completed and turned in to school on or before May 6th.

Art Show

Rensselaer Central Primary School will be hosting an Art Show on Thursday, April 14th from 6:00-8:00 PM. All the artwork that is going to be up for purchase has been handmade by each student in the building. Please come to either look at the art or consider purchasing a piece of art. The framed artwork will be $25.00.

Breakfast with Mom or a Special Woman

Please join the kindergartners for breakfast with mom or a special woman on Friday, April 15, 2016 from 7:15-7:45 AM. If you have not done so already, please cut and return the pink RSVP slip by April 7. This paper was sent home in your student's green folder last week. The breakfast and photos cost $2.00. Please send this with your student along with the RSVP pink slip.

Addition Facts

We have been working on addition facts in class for a couple of weeks now. To help students have a firm understanding these addition facts, I would like students to practice them at home. My hope is that through practicing these facts at home students will not have as difficult of a time transitioning to subtraction facts. We have learned adding 0, 1, 2, and 3 to a number (0-9) and will soon be working on adding 4 and 5 to a number (0-9) shortly. Thank you for your support!

Pictures on our Class Website!

Check out our class website for TONS of pictures!


Book It!

Thank you for ALL of you that participated in each month's Book It this year. I wanted to let you know that March was the last month of the Book It pages. Although Book It is over, please continue to read with your student on a regular basis. I have seen GREAT growth in all of our student's this year in many areas; especially reading! I think that a large part of this is due to all of you reading with your child. Thank you for continuing to partner with me in your child's educational and personal growth!

Gummy Bear Words

Last week your child brought home a letter and pink list of gummy bear words. Please have your child practice reading these words to you. Once your child has mastered the list, sign the bottom of the list and return it to school in their monkey folder. Then your child will be "tested" at school. If your child successfully completes the list they will receive a pack of gummy bears. Then they will get a new list of sight words to practice. This self paced program is a great way to motivate students and master tricky sight words! Thank you for your support!

Extra "GREEN" Recess

Every Friday afternoon, students that have been on "green" all week will receive an extra 10 minute recess. This is a small incentive for those students who are consistently following all classroom expectations.


Please sign up for our classroom text messages!

Send the message: @ahensler

To: 81010 or (312) 548-8196

Please Practice

I have noticed that more students are able to tie their shoes now!!! Thank you so much for your hard work. Please continue to practice this with your student if needed. Whatever practice you can do at home will be most helpful! :-)

Focus for the Week

  • Weekly Theme: Sharks
  • Weekly Texts: Shark Informational Reader, Sharks! (National Geographic Kids), Great White Shark (Scholastic), Hammerhead Shark (Scholastic), Nurse Shark (Scholastic)
  • Letter identification & sounds: Yy and Qq
  • Reading Skill: Main Idea, and Compare and Contrast

  • Question of the Week:
  • High-Frequency Words: where, come
  • Phonics: Beginning Yy and Qq in CVC words
  • Writing: Making a Shark Fact Book: Students will be learning facts about sharks throughout the week. We will be brainstorming facts as a class and students will pick their own facts to write about and draw a picture
  • Number 21
  • Counting to 100 by 1's and 10's even when not starting at 1 or 10
  • Able to state numbers to 100 according to their amount of 10
  • Able to Understand Combinations to 5
  • Able to Understand the Missing Part to Make 5
  • Able to Understand Combinations to 6
  • Able to Understand the Missing Part to Make 6
  • Able to Understand Combinations to 7
  • Able to Understand the Missing Part to Make 7
  • Able to Understand Combinations to 8
  • Able to Understand the Missing Part to Make 8
  • IXL
  • Review Adding 0, 1 and 2
  • Adding 3