Values, Standards, and Principles

By John Bishop

Mission Statement

I'm at my best when I'm happy and supportive of others. I will strive through music and percussion. I will let others know that they can trust me and know that I will support them in their decisions. others will know that I will never talk bad about them. I will stop judging others and stop getting frustrated when someone doesn't understand something. I will strive to be funny, fun to be around, and supportive. I will constantly work on getting connected with god, doing taekwondo, becoming smarter and being known as a person who doesn't talk down to others.

Core Values


-It is important to have family in your life. They will always be family and they will be there to support your decisions. Your family is what helps you through difficult times and are who you can go to in times of struggle and need.

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-friends are what you need in your life. When family can't be there for you, friends are who stand up for you and help you. Your life will always be much happier if you have friends to support you. Without them, you will truly never know what life is like when your happy.

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Home and Place

-it is very important to have a place where you can go and feel at home. With a home, you can always live there by your own rules. It will always be there no matter what you do. You can go home and think about yourself, relax and it is the base of your life.

Moral principles


Being dependable is good because others will always trust you and you will be someone people will want to be around.

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Others will treat you with respect and you will not be someone that others look down upon.


You will be known as a non biased person and others will come to you for tough decisions.

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Others will like being around you because you lift them up and always look on the bright side instead of being negative.

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Others will feel that you are the person who can take the weight of burdens because you do not shy away from fear. You will be much more confident in your decisions and not worry about what others think.

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People will put their faith in you that you are telling the truth. You will live a life that is full of trust and others will like to be with you knowing that you are telling the truth.


You will know how to express yourself in creative ways and not have to follow the "motion". Instead, you can change how you live your life to fit the situation and be creative on how you want to achieve that.

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