Week of Sept. 24th...

LA Staff News


**See image below for partnership visits/field trips


New student, Phyllis Winslow, to start today. She was with us several years ago.

"Script" will appear on any computers starting today that haven't paid insurance/have a claim IF TAKEN off campus.


Mark and Jared out for new teacher meetings (half day)



8:00-11:00 MN Principals Meeting

9/27: Visible Learning Teacher Cohort at DAC PM (Summer, Paul)


8:00 AM VALIC (retirement planning meeting) presentation. We are supposed to all be there per HR. It should take 5+ minutes.

Items to Note:
Do not let kids in any doors. It is important that they all check in through the office if they missed the cutoff for the lunchroom door. Also, help remind kids not to let anyone in the building.

Still looking for a staff member willing to be our building coordinator for the LPS United Way Campaign. Please?!?!??!

How can we incorporate the opportunity for kids to use our machines to do laundry without them feeling different by doing so?

Give Me Some Feedback....and SMILE!

As a part of our Visible Learning journey, I need to collect some data from students and staff. If you can take 5 minutes, click on the link below, and answer one of the questions, it would be MOST helpful!!

This information MAY be used during the data consult (Haferbier), so just FYI when you are recording your answers!

Again, you really only need to answer one question. Please complete this week. You will see this exact task come back at you in November and December. So, answer for what you are seeing at LA as of late.

Thanks for all your help!

"DJ" the one Jill from Conscious Discipline Talked About


LPS Diversity Festival

Based on what I've seen our kids do at LA, some of them have an interest in educating others about their culture (ex. Isra's project last spring). It would be cool if LA was represented at this event!

Its that time of year again and we need your help! Liberty Public Schools are proud to be hosting the 3rd Annual Diversity Festival celebrating many of the diverse cultures that make up our community. The theme this year is - THRIVE: Culturally, Locally, Globally. We are seeking those interested in educating others regarding different aspects of their culture/diversity. If you are interested in possibly hosting a booth at this year’s festival, or may know of someone who is, please complete the survey that is linked below by Friday, October 5th. This year’s festival will be held November 8th, 6-8pm @ Liberty North High School.

Call for Booths Sign-Up LINK