Pet Abandonment

We are their only voices. Adopt a pet. Love a pet.

Why is Pet Abandonment Happening?

  • Pets are not behaving well and the owner does not want to take responsibility for it.
  • Sometimes, owners can not afford to keep it and care for the dog or pet.
  • Every once in a while, there comes a natural disaster and the pet's house gets destroyed and becomes lost or stranded.
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Groups & Organizations

  • Re-home Waikato is a group that helps animal abandonment. It has a Facebook Page that helps advertise animals in their shelter.
  • Hearts for Animals is a club that teaches about animal abandonment. They do fundraisers to get money and donate at their local animal shelter.
  • SPOT Global is an organization that helps animal abandonment. This organization talks about the hazards of abandoned and stray animals.
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Why is There so Much Pet Abandonment?

  • There is pet over population.
  • There is not enough responsible owners.
  • People are not spaying or neutering their pets.
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