Week of May 2nd

Mrs. Smith's 2nd Grade Class

News and Announcements

This week begins our end of year testing! Hard to think it's almost the end of another year! They go faster and faster each year. Students will begin with their fluency test. They will read three passages and take the median words per minute read. The students will also need to give a brief retelling of the beginning, middle, and end of what they read.

Reminder: Ms. Young's last day is Tuesday. Please have your child write a letter, make a card, or draw a picture for Ms. Young thanking her for what she has done for us and congratulating her on her graduation.

National Walk and Bike To School Day

Wednesday is National Walk & Bike to School Day! This is a day to promote fun, healthier habits, safety & builds on our already wonderful Cougar Community! Staff and Concord Police will meet at the Boys & Girls Club at 7:20AM and walk to School. The path of our route starts at the Boys & Girls Club and follows straight down Spring Street (which is about 6/10ths of a mile). Parents have permission to park at the Boys & Girls Club to join in. If you are normally a car rider or live close by, we hope you will! It should be fun!

Coltrane-Webb Night at Intimidators Game

Take me out to the Ball Game....this FRIDAY is Coltrane-Webb Night at the Kannapolis Intimidators Game! The Chorus will be singing the National Anthem! Follow this link to purchase your tickets...when you do, a portion of the proceeds come back to the School!


This week:

Science: Students will learn more about the life cycle of a frog. The students will be able to compare and contrast the life cycles of a butterfly and a frog. Students will have the opportunity to research an animal of their choice to learn about it's life cycle. By the end of the week students will complete an assessment to show their understandings of the life cycles.

Reading: Students will have the opportunity to read a variety of fables. With each story the students read they need to be able to identify the moral or lesson. They also need to be able to identify story elements of each fable (characters, setting, beginning, middle, and end, lesson).

Here are a few sites where students can listen to different fables: http://pbskids.org/lions/stories/


Math: Students will take their learning of even and odd numbers to working with arrays. An array is an arrangements of objects in rows and columns. Students will use the arrays to develop the foundation skills of multiplication using repeated addition.

Here is a video that helps explain: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uG_LqO1opQU

Students do not need to know their multiplication facts at this time but you may want to start practicing over the summer to get ready for third grade. Multiplication is the first thing 3rd graders learn in math.

Have a great week!