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Why Is A Content Editorial Calendar Important For Businesses Of All Sizes?

Well, rolling out interesting stories is just one aspect of content marketing. Controlling the publication of content and answering who, what, when, why, where and how of content is the most important process at the back end.

Ø Who’s going to create content?

Ø What content type is to be published?

Ø When will be the content published?

Ø Where will it be published?

Ø Why is to be published?

Ø How to promote the published content?

All these questions need to be answered before the content is published. A content editorial calendar, thus, is an important tool for planning content publishing and marketing efforts. However, this calendar is more than just dates. Content creation and publishing dates, milestones and deadlines are important aspects of any editorial calendar.

Importance of a Content Editorial Calendar

It’s more than just the foundation of your content marketing campaign. An editorial calendar not only gives you a holistic view of your entire campaign but also helps in streamlining your efforts and strengthening your entire content marketing strategy by reinforcing goals, facilitating coordination and collaboration and ensuring effective and timely publishing.

What to Consider When Making an Editorial Calendar?

So, now that you know the importance of a content editorial calendar, it’s critical to learn about the factors that you need to consider when making one for your company. What are these? Let’s discuss in detail.

Ø Define Your Purpose

Different organizations have different goals and priorities. So, when making an editorial calendar, make sure to define what purpose you’re using the content – for creating awareness, providing information, socializing or entertaining readers. Know for what channels you’re producing the content.

Ø Align Content with Goals

An editorial calendar must record the goals associated with each piece of content that you’re going to publish. You should be able to plan your moves on content channels and monitor whether your content evokes desired emotions and response from the audience.

Ø Plan Future Moves As Well

An editorial calendar gives you complete information about the history of your content marketing campaign at a single glance. However, you should also be able to use it for planning your moves in future. The calendar gives you a bigger picture anytime you see it. So, no matter even if you’re tripped with day-to-day publishing, have a look at your calendar and see if you’re producing the type of content that is required at a specific period of time.

Ø Cross-Channel Opportunities

If you’re producing content for one channel, you can use it for other channels as well. It’s a crucial step that can gain you more visibility. For example, if you’re using a video on YouTube, you can also use it on your home page or twitter page.

Ø Track Ideas

Not only schedules ones, but also the unscheduled ideas can be tracked on your content editorial calendar. Ideas can come up anytime. So, when you decide to work on them, see if they fit in your calendar. If they do, make sure to put dedicated efforts and track if you have evoked desired response by using it. Use what works and discard what doesn’t.

An editorial calendar works for all but everyone’s calendar will be different. See what works for you and share with me.

A content editorial calendar, thus, is an important tool for planning content publishing and marketing efforts.

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