A Weekly Newsletter for Beginning Teachers in Years 1,2 & 3

October 14, 2016

Volume 1, Edition 9

What are some things that set high flying teachers apart from those who are mediocre?

9 Week Benchmark Assessments Coming Soon

Ask yourself, "Am I on target to complete the first 9 weeks pacing guide before the end of this 9 weeks?" If not, the 9 week benchmark assessments will not accurately reflect the progress of your students. This is one reason why principals expect teachers to not spend the first several weeks reviewing last year's materials. If you are behind in your pacing, you still have time to step it up and be ready for benchmarks.

Involve your students in the conversation! Talk with them about their goals as learners.

Parent Conference Tips from the Harvard - Family Research Project

District-Wide Parent Conferences are coming:

Monday, November 7 and Tuesday, November 8

For those parents who didn't meet you at Open House, this may be their first impression of you! Remember what we said at New Teacher Orientation? "First impressions stick like glue on a hot sidewalk"....

Tips for successful parent conferences:

Speak with your department or grade level for specific suggestions on how to make this time very productive for your students and their parents.

Ask your principal what their specific expectations are for things you should share with parents.

Be prepared.

Offer three positive comments before one negative comment.

Speak with specific examples, not in generalities, and provide specific examples.

Share grades. Make sure you understand your principal's expectation for how often grades should be recorded in Power School.