Mrs. Taylor's 3rd Grade News

Mulberry Elementary School

Class News September 12-16, 2016

The week in review:

Math: This week we reviewed for our Place Value and Rounding Test, watched Learnzillion videos about both, and completed IXL practice. We then moved on to the properties of addition and completed a "properties sort" in our interactive notebooks.

Reading: We read Chapter 4 of The Mouse on the Motorcycle and continued to record the rising action on our Story Rollercoaster chart. We also learned more about setting, characters, and character traits using our interactive notebooks, songs, Brain Pop Jr., Flocabulary, and The Sharp Wits.

Independent Reading: The children completed their first book response writings this week that were due today! They have chosen their next series book which is due September 23rd!

Writing: This week we focused on the five steps of the Writing Process. We made an interactive foldable, sang a Writing Process song, played Writing Process Four Corners, and watched a Sharp Wits Episode about the writing process. We also began learning about "cooking up" fantastic paragraphs using the Hamburger Model!

Grammar: We learned about ADJECTIVES this week, reading two great books, The Bug Book and If You Were An Adjective. We made an adjective web in our interactive notebooks, listened to a Flocabulary song, and watched a Discovery Education clips about "Armando's Amazing Adjectives."

Current Read-Aloud: The Boxcar Children

Science: We finished our amazing journey through the Georgia Habitats this week, learning about the costal region, swamps, marshes, and Atlantic Ocean. We made flip books about each region in our interactive notebooks and completed the test study guide together. We finished our unit playing Habitat Bingo!

Social Studies: We finished our Map Skills unit this week, making foldables in our interactive notebooks on the major mountain ranges and rivers in the United States. We completed our study guide together, reviewing political and physical maps, the compass rose, the Equator and Prime Meridian, lines of longitude and latitude, and map keys. We ended our unit playing a FUN Maps & Globes board game!

Power Up Brain Breaks: I've added these fun brain breaks into our schedule each day! Check out GO NOODLE and ADVENTURES IN FITNESS on our EClass page to learn more!

Faboo Friday Lunch: Every Friday the kids have the option of eating lunch with me in the classroom at watching Reading Rainbow. This week our Reading Rainbow episode was "Liang and the Magic Paintbrush."

Learning Topics for Next Week:

Math: Properties of Addition, Subtraction

Reading: Interactive Book Unit The Mouse on the Motorcycle

Grammar: Prefixes, Complete Sentences

Writing: Personal Narratives: Paragraph writing

Spelling: Words for this week ... Prefix "un"

unpacked, unclear, unkind, unhappy, unable, unwrapped, unequal, unchanged, unlock, unlike, unbutton, unclean

Social Studies: Roots of Democracy (Guided Reading Groups)

Science: Pollution

Specials: PE (wear tennis shoes!)

Calendar of Events:

September 16: 6 Week Progress Reports issued

September 19: Vision and Hearing Screening (3rd Grade only)

September 21, 22 & 23 CogAT Testing Grades 1, 2 & 5

September 23: Last day to order Field Day/Activity shirts!

September 23: Required Independent Reading book due

September 28th & 29th - Parent Teacher Conferences (Sign up on the Mulberry web page) Early Release Days

September 29: PTA Movie Night & New Parent Meeting

October 6: Mulberry Reads Kick Off @ Barnes and Noble 6:30 PM

October 10: Student Holiday

6 Week Progress Reports

Please be sure to review your child’s grades for the first six weeks of school! We have been working very hard each day. Please congratulate your child on a job well done, sign the report, and return it to school on Monday. A ZERO IN THE GRADEBOOK MEANS THE ASSIGNMENT WAS NOT TURNED IN, BUT STILL CAN BE!

Please remember we are on a semester schedule for grades this year, and another progress report will come home the 12th week of school, with a report card at the mid-year in December. The major tests we have taken this week will not yet be on the reports, but those updated grades can be found on the Parent Portal next week!


PARENT CONFERENCES are right around the corner. Early Release Days are September 28 and 29. Please see the flyer coming home in the Friday Folder that explains how to sign up for your conference time. I am looking forward to meeting with each of you and telling you about all the fabulous things your chidl has been doing in 3rd grade so far!


On September 28 and 29 students will be dismissed at 12:15 for parent/ teacher conferences. Each parent-teacher conference will last for a period of twenty minutes. It is important to be prompt as these conferences are scheduled consecutively. If a situation arises and you are unable to attend your scheduled conference, please notify me by calling the school or via email, so the conference can be rescheduled. I look forward to meeting with everyone! I have many wonderful things to share with you!


The "Happy Place" chair is finally here! Each student has signed up for a day to sit in this special place, and our Famous Falcons gets to sit here on Fridays!
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We rearranged our room LAST week to include our new technology center. This week, we rearranged again to make a cozy Reading Corner where we can relax and be SURROUNDED by all our favorite books! We will soon have some cushions to enjoy in our Reading Corner, as well!


Last day to order is September 23rd. You can pay for the shirts on Mealpay or send in cash or check with the order form.
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It is that time of year again!! Have you wondered what the Reflections contest is all about? Reflections is a fine arts contest open to every student in the school!! This year's theme is "What is Your Story?" You may enter in one or several of the six areas of art. The areas are Visual Arts, Photography, Literature, Musical Composition, Film/Video, and Dance Choreography. If you are interested and would like an information/entry rules packet please pick one up from your child's classroom teacher. Can't wait to see all the wonderful creations!

Extra Credit in PE

Our fabulous PE teacher sends home a physical education fitness calendar each year with students in order for them to earn extra credit in her class. This year, she is still offering students this opportunity, however, they may complete the activity by accessing her eClass page. Sounds like a fun way to get FIT!


Your child has EClass homework every night, including Spelling City! They will need access to a computer or device for about ten minutes each evening. Please let me know if you do not have access to a computer or device so I can provide alternatives.

Use your child's LOG IN to enter our awesome Eclass page and look around! You'll be amazed at all the resources and fun learning activities available for your child!

News & Notes:

  • Agenda books and homework come home every day in the white binder.
  • "Clip Up and Clip Down" colors are stamped in the agenda book each day!
  • The kids are allowed to bring a "book buddy" in their book bag each day ... this is a small stuffed animal (no dolls) that they can hold during read aloud time each day!
  • Don't forget to send a few morning snacks! Many students are very hungry around 10 or 11 and it's quite a long time until lunch at that point.
  • Your child may bring in a ball labeled with his/her name for recess.
  • Be sure and sign your child's Friday Folder each Friday and return on Monday.
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Parents, please remember that our clinic cannot dispense any medications at school. This ranges from bug bite cream to Tylenol. Please send in any medication to the clinic that may pertain to your child’s needs. Thank you!


To celebrate our week, the kids get to have a FABOO FRIDAY LUNCH with me in the room! We eat our lunches together and watch Reading Rainbow! If you'd like to send in a small treat for the kids for one of our FABOO FRIDAY LUNCHES, we'd love it! We have no peanut allergies, and we have 24 students! Just email me during the week if you'd like to send something in that Friday!


Please be sure and sign up for REMIND text messages for our class!
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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Be sure and send in the permission form if you'd like your child to bring his/her own device to school. Thanks!

Our First Week Memory Video!

Ever wish you could be a "fly on the wall" and see how your child's FIRST WEEK of school went? Here's your chance! Click here for a MEMORY VIDEO of our first week together in Mrs. Taylor's Third Grade class! I already know I have the ABSOLUTE BEST students EVER!

Daily Schedule

7:45- 8:30 Morning Jump Start

8:30-9:30 Math Workshop/Math Centers

9:35-10:20 Specials

10:25-11:00 Literacy Block Part 1:

Writing Workshop

Grammar/Word Work


11:20-12:00 Literacy Block Part 2:

Reading Workshop

12:00-12:20 Small Reading Groups: Social Studies Integration

12:20 Restroom Break!

12:25-12:50 LUNCH (Cost of lunch is $2.25, extra milk is .40)

1:00-1:25 RECESS

1:25-1:45 Read Aloud (MWF)/ SQUIRT (T,TH)

1:45-2:30 Science

2:30 Agenda Books/Pack Up

2:45 Dismissal- See you tomorrow! J


Our specials rotation is:

Week 1: Art

Week 2: PE (be sure and wear tennis shoes!)

Week 3: Discovery

Week 4: Music


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Scholastic Book Orders Online

Class Code - DWXLD

Order Due Date - SET DUE DATE

Dear Families,

This month’s Scholastic Reading Club flyers are now available! Please take a few moments to explore the selection together and let your child help choose books he or she is excited to read.

You can order online at, where you’ll find a wide selection of quality children’s books that are just right for your child’s reading level and interests. Or return your paper order form to me with a check made out to “Scholastic Reading Club.”

Remember, you help our class earn FREE Books and supplies with every order. Thank you for supporting your child’s reading both at home and in the classroom!

Mrs. Klaas-Taylor

PS: Please let me know if your order includes a gift for your child, and I will contact you when it arrives!

First Time Ordering Online?

  • Go to
  • Enter our one-time Class Activation Code.
  • Shop and submit your child's book order.
  • Your books will be delivered directly to the classroom.
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Registration Welcome Letter!

Welcome to Mrs. Jennifer Klaas-Taylor's 3rd Grade Class!! I am so excited to be working with you and your child this school year at Mulberry Elementary! We are going to have the BEST YEAR EVER!

A personal note!

It is such a pleasure to be here at Mulberry Elementary School this year! My family includes my husband, Robert, my 18 year old son, Brandon (who heads to college this week!), my 13 year old son, Dylan, and my 8 year old little girl, Lily Claire. I have taught in Gwinnett County for twenty years ... one year teaching fourth grade, three years teaching fifth grade, and fifteen years teaching Language Arts FOCUS. And now I am so excited to be teaching 3rd grade at Mulberry Elementary to kick off my twentieth year!

I attended Oglethorpe University and Mercer University earning a Bachelors degree in Education, a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature, a Master’s degree in Education, and an Ed.S. degree in Education. My emphasis of study in all these degree programs has been Language Arts/Reading education. I am also certified in Gifted Education by the State of Georgia. I plan to complete my Ph.D. in Instruction in the future ... I have completed the coursework, but need to tackle the dissertation!

My hobbies include gardening, decorating, watching old movies, travelling, and spending time with my family!


Weekly folders will come home each Friday with any graded work or classwork. Conduct and work habits for the week will also be noted on the folder. Please sign and return the folder on Monday morning. Please note that the MAJORITY of our daily work will be in our classroom interactive notebooks and will not be sent home. You can ask your child to bring those books home at any time to see his/her learning, but we do use them in class every day, so be sure he/she returns it!


A weekly class newsletter will be sent home on the weekends and will be posted on EClass to keep you updated on all the exciting learning and upcoming events happening in our class!


All sorts of class information and photos and links will be on our EClass page, which will be updated each week!

Agenda Books

Agenda books and a homework folder will come home each evening.


Homework assignments will focus mainly on spelling or math practice, or EClass educational games and apps to reinforce our learning in class that week! Reading 20 minutes a night independently or with a family member (or dog or cat J) is the most important homework of all! Homework will never cover new material.

Creativity Connections

I am very excited that our learning this year will include hands-on activities, art projects, plays, puppet shows, research, technology, writing, and LOTS of great books and stories. I am a HUGE believer in creative thinking and problem solving, so I incorporate creative extensions to our learning as often as possible!

I am also an avid believer in brain based learning, so I will incorporate learning activities for each different learning style into our daily lessons. No matter how your child learns best, there will be intentional activities to support his/her learning strength!


Please see the back page for the directions for signing up for text message reminders for our class!


Our class will have a “working snack” every day. I request that all snacks are healthy ones and not too messy. Pre-cut fruit, crackers, yogurt, dry cereal, granola bars, or cut veggies are good choices. Water bottles are always welcomed to drink from during the course of the day. Please make sure that your child has his/her name or initials on the bottle. Please no juice or any colored drinks. Thanks!

Ice Cream

Your child can purchase ice cream every day to eat at lunch time. All ice cream is $1.


Any time there will be a change in the way your child will be transported to or from school, please send me a note in the morning. The safety of your child is extremely important to all of us!


If your child is out of school at any time, please send a note in when he/she returns. If he/she is out for more than two days, I will call and check with you, or you may want to email me or call the school and let me know the situation.


PLEASE LABEL all jackets, sweatshirts, sweaters, lunch boxes, and book bags with your child’s name! We will be going to the playground every possible day, so please make certain that your child has the necessary jackets, coats, and shoes to be comfortable outdoors.


We love to celebrate birthdays! In addition to spending the day with our classroom Birthday Monkey and receiving a special birthday rubber duckie from me, please feel free to send in a special snack for the entire class on your child’s birthday. This will be eaten during our lunch time. Please make sure that it is easy to serve (cupcakes, cookies, etc., that are already portioned for each child). You may drop the snacks off at the office or send them in with your child.

Classroom Management

My classroom management system focus on the POSITIVES and learning from our mistakes in a positive way. In addition to our Good Job Jars and Taylor Token system, we have a classroom behavior system for clipping up and down each day to maintain and reward good choices! More to come on this on our curriculum night!

We also have a “Happy Place” which is a retro desk (like the ones I used in school J) that is painted with bright colors and a big smiley face! Every student will have a special day to sit in this fun area!

Classroom Library

We have an EXTENSIVE classroom library with books, magazines, comics, … you name it! Your children are DEFINITELY allowed to check our classroom books and can check out up to three books from our classroom collection at a time. Just a reminder to take care of our special books and return them when ready to choose new books! J Nothing makes me happier than seeing the kids enjoying great books and authors!

We also have an amazing book corner with a tent and rainbow cushions! Each table will have a day each week to enjoy the reading corner for the whole day!

We are going to have a WONDERFUL first week together starting on Monday! I will send out a special memory video of our first week together and will be sure there are lots of pictures on our EClass page for you to enjoy throughout the year! You are definitely a very important part of our classroom family. We want you to feel a part of all we do!

Please feel free to email me or contact me if you have any questions related to the information outlined in this letter or if you need any other information about our class! I am so excited and honored to be working with you and your child this year and am so glad your child is in my class. We are going to have the best school year ever!!!

Mrs. Taylor