Behind The Trading

All about trading and products in Mesopotamia

The Wheel Just Rolled Back to Town!

The Gold Babylonian Ship just came in from Persia with the new advanced wheel. People have been lining up for days for this new invention. It is apparently smoother and thicker, but not as heavy. We talked to a few people preparing the banquet and one man said he is willing to spend all his silver on this wheel because it will be much easier to carry his trading products. This wheel is brand new technology for us Mesopotamians and will help us transport things much faster.


Don't like the color of your clothes? Well come on down to Color Dye where we will meet all of your clothing needs. Color Dye specializes in colored clothes and garments. We have a large selection of colored shirts, skirts, gowns, pants, and accessories such as colored necklaces, bracelets, and headdresses. We have a new technoloogy for people who will pay, it dyes your all ready dyed clothes to a different color even the newly discovered color, red. Drop by today to get your luxourious dyed clothes .

Delicious Raisin Cake

Desperate for a treat for a party? Follow this recipe below from Cherynobaila's Cakes and your sure to have an amazing cake. Don't feel like cooking? Available at Cherynobaila's Cakes with even more selection.


- 1 cup Raisins

- 2 eggs

- 1/2 cup sugar

- 2/3 cup milk

- 1 tablespoon canola oil

- 2 cups flour


- Turn on stone oven to hot

- mix dry and wet ingredients

- mix together

- fill a clay pan with batter and put in in the stone oven.

- Wait until the sun passes a quarter of the sky then it shall be ready.


Below are the 10 ten best shops from ales to prints in Mesopotamia:

1. Anusha Leena's Dance Company

2. Jimshu's Ale

3. Babylonian Bakers

4. Seanedru's Seams

5. Jordan's Daily

6. Gilgamesh Prints

7. Hammurabi's Court

8. Farmer's Fresh

9. Cherynobaila Cakes

10. Meso-tronics


Chariots have disappeared in the last year and have never been seen again except for one. The Blue Garden Chariot disappeared on it's way to the East about a year ago. It was carrying many assorted grains. A day ago, it was spotted for the first time with a man with a knife and a merchant tied against the back. Unfortunately, it was going too fast that we couldn't save the merchant, but we are highly cautious about traveling by land to trade. We recommend to trade by ship if you can. Just be careful on the road!

Chicks for Sale!

We have 60 chicks down at Berrywood Farm for sale. They are great for eggs and meat. We are starting to sell them at 30 bushels of wheat. The price may lower or increase.

Trading Banquet

A trading banquet will be held at Grassyhills Field. Bring your business to the banquet for free! Many products will be there for many different prices. Just bring your products and a plate because the food there will be spectacular! Some products there will be dyed wheels, animals, and delicious cakes. There are so many people coming so join us at the annual trading banquet! It's two sunsets away!


The price for houses is rising because it's starting flood. Many people want to stay dry for the harvest. Unfortunately many of the lower class only has an unstable hay house which will collapse . The higher class is trying to help the lower class by giving them an offer. They can be a slave and live in there house or they just survive the flood without good protection. You can participate in this offer, too. Go see Priest Jambiladee before the sun comes up for the fifth time since this newspaper and he will give you more information.


Remember, the Annual Assyrian Art Fair will be held in 7 sunrises from the day that this newspaper was published. Any artist is welcome to bring his or her artwork to the fair. Now, remember; you must have your pieces checked by the Assyrian high priest or current monarch (They must also approve the price that you will be offering for your piece and have the authority to raise or lower the price.). Everyone is welcome to come and buy a piece of art (Beware: If you are not Assyrian you may have to may a higher price).


This high class restaurant is very expensive, but worth it. Exquisite Spices has the finest meats seasoned with quality spices and perfectly roasted lotus-skewers. Their wine is the highest quality in all of Sumer. Their fruits; dates, figs, and grapes are always fresh. They are located in a conveniently only two buildings away from the ziggurat in Ur. Remember, Exquisite Spices is the place to eat!