Dolly: The Cloning Icon

The first successful cloned mammal

By Megan Divers


Dolly was the first successful mammal to be cloned using reproductive cloning. One of the main people to have helped create her was a Fifty-two-year-old embryologist, Ian Wilmut.


Dolly was a cloned sheep that was created with a blank egg from one sheep, the mammary cell of another, and was implanted in another to serve as her "mother." She was a scientific break through and gave hope and new ideas to many for hopes of forwarding ourselves in science and making ways for it to be used in the medical fields.


She was born on July 5, of 1996, but was announced in 1997. It took 20 years to develop her and she lived for about seven years.


Dolly was born on a farm near the university that created her, the Roslin Institute in Rosilin, Scotland.


Cloning could lead to many helpful advancements in the science and medical fields. It also is something we have dreamed and wondered about, being that many pop culture things had referenced cloning, like with star wars. they also think it could help bring back extinct/endangered species.

They named her after Dolly Partron because she was cloned from a mammary gland, and she was known for hers...

She died of a disease that sheep get from being kept inside too much.

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1996: Dolly the sheep cloned
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