by jack vanhouten

Lead singer of nickelback chad Kroger started a band in 1995 in his garage called village idiots.That lead to a amazing career in rock.
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awards and acomplishments.

Nickelback has won many awards over 245 awards for things like second best forion band just under the Beatles.Six billboard awards and they were nominated for a Grammy 3 times. They have sold over 50 million albums with only have making 17. they won the Juno fan aword
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how they started

the band NIckelback was originally called village idiots but when chad kroger was working at Starbucks he was giving change and said here is your nickelback. After that he changed the name to nickelback. They were doing led zeppelin covers and other classic rock bands. Nickelback released a song in 1999 and it was a smash hit,The band signed roadrunner record in 1999 and went from there.

albums and songs

The band has 17 albums The album there best selling album was all the right reasons.their best selling song is photograph.the band went through many drummer changes 5 different people finally going with Daniel adair.