Welcome at Gritproject Amsterdam!

First of all we wish you a happy new year 2013! We are already very excited to get to know you in person next week and to hear about your inspiring ideas!

In this email we provide you with some practical information for the kick-off session next week:

Kick-off Session

Thursday, Jan 10th, 5:45pm

2 Wibautstraat

Amsterdam, NH

On this day...

...you will get to know the other 29 participants of the Gritproject and join the pitch session in which you will be voting on the ideas you are going to work on the Gritweekend. Moreover we have sandwiches and drinks ready for you!

What to bring:

To all of you, bring a notepad to write down your thoughts and ideas while other participants are pitching!

For those people who want to pitch their ideas, we advice you to prepare your pitch and include the following elements:

• Benefit or problem you solve (Value Proposition)

• Who you help (Target Group)

• How you help (Product/Service)

• Call to Action: What and Who do you need to make it happen!


You have 2 minutes maximum for your pitch!

And please let us know via email if you are going to pitch an idea before the event. In addition to this, bring a stick with your presentation if you want to present with Power Point, Keynote or Prezi! You can also bring a tool to visualize your idea! Nothing is too crazy!!

And lastly, bring a lot of good energy, craziness and whatever you think can add to this day!

About the Gritweekend, be aware of the times and write them down in your agenda:

Friday, Jan 18th, 6pm to Sunday, Jan 20th, 7:30pm

2 Wibautstraat

Amsterdam, NH

(we expect to finish around 22h00 on Friday and Saturday and to start Saturday and Sunday at 9h00 in the morning)

We are looking forward to an amazing event with you!

The Gritproject Team