Shocking Football Miss

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Adelaide Youngster, Awer Mabil has made headlines all over the football world. As the ball was getting closer Awer, he somehow managed to make it fly across the crossbar. Even though Awer scored for the Adelaides the UK press wasn't so forgiving.

“With the goal at his mercy, the 19-year old somehow managed to knee the ball over from all of two yards!

“Mabil did score Adelaide’s second in the win but he’ll never live this one down.”

The Metro said: “This A-League horror miss has got to be the worst chance we’ve ever seen fluffed.”

As I was saying The UK Press wasn't so forgiving and is now thinking of a trial. He told reporters: "This is true, Ajax and another club contacted us to send him on a trial.

In his defence, it was a slightly awkward height. But only slightly. And the ball was not exactly travelling towards him at great speed.
Fortunately for Mabil he had already scored Adelaide's second goal in the 2-0 win. So he was able to laugh it off.
Awer Mabil Miss of the Season (A League 2014)