Kriz Reefa

Story of the rapper


There was a rapper, a very verbally creative fellow,

Whose flow was quite mellow.

Tatted like a Mexican,

Yet fresher than a freshman.

His homies were known to go out with a bang

Because they were from Tyler’s Gang.

Had a girl named Mary, last name Jane,

Who made young Kriz act rather strange.

Thin guy that loved to spend time in the sky,

Claimed that he was always flying high.

The only thing smaller than him were his jeans,

and his eyes looked so red they could shoot out laser beams.

I felt uncomfortable about his best friend Bud,

Hung out with everyone, quite the stud.

Everyday he always carried more than a couple stacks,

All the money he makes from raps.

Yet he reeked of skunk every time he took a smoke break,

and his eyes drooped so low he never seemed to be awake.

In jail multiple times for possession,

however that never gave him depression.

A pop icon for all society,

We should just call ourselves a hypocrisy.

Rise to Fame

There was a time where Kriz was not well know and as famous as he is now. A time when he was Young Reefa who had struggled to earn money at an ordinary job. Back when the only people that shared the same passion for the environment were his girlfriend and his best friend. Just when his career as a rapper was beginning many had told him that his appearance had to change if he wanted to become famous. Those people were not talking about the way that Reefa dressed, they were addressing the company that he was keeping. Kriz couldn’t image how life would be without Mary Jane or Bud, however he needed the money and rapping was the only thing that he knew. He was faced with the choice of either abandoning his friends to have everything his heart ever desired, or to stay loyal to his only true companions but to remain in his everyday struggle to make ends meat. Kriz knew deep in his soul that he could never give up Bud or stop loving Mary Jane. His manager told him that Kriz had to decide and come back to tell him. Kriz wished upon a star that he could figure out what to do, then it happened. A taco commercial came across his television screen where a there is a choice about which type of taco shell to use, weather soft or crunchy, and a little girl suggests both. That was it, Thought Kriz. He didn’t have to abandon his friends but just attempt to make it, and hopefully his fans would understand and accept him for who he was. So Kriz carried his plan through he went back to rapping but he started to reference his friends in his music. At first he thought that society would reject him a lot, however it turned out that they embraced his ideas and perspective. Society embraced him so much that for many weeks his songs were on the top 100 songs of the nation. The two most memorable would be and his first major hit “Black and Bud” and “Young, Wild and Free with Mary Jane” from the hit movie Dax and Kevin go to College. Young Reefa would be nothing without his friends, his loyalty to his friends brought them all to the top.

Why Kriz

Kriz Reefa is a parody of the real life rapper Wiz Khalifa. The reason for me choosing this specific character is because the extracurricular activities that Wiz takes part in. Which is smoking a lot Marijuana which used to be seen really bad in the past. However in recent years society has seen a rise in weed smokers of all ages. Decades ago Wiz would have been seen as a terrible person by all of society yet in today’s world he’s one of the most famous pop icon that everyone loves. He even has been loved so much people that he has a strain of Marijuana named after him. It’s just hypocritical of people in the world to say no to drugs yet have every album of a guy that raps about getting high all the time. Wiz Khalifa isn’t a bad person is what society says, they put limits on everything that he does. Wiz Khalifa has been arrested 21 time yet society will say that it was only because of the possession of pot and that it doesn’t make him a bad person. He also has a gang that he represents called Taylor Gang, and he claims that everyone who is a fan or a friend is part of the gang. Yet society will counter by saying that this gang is not a threat but a way of uniting all of Wiz Khalifa's fans together because of their common interest in his music. Wiz Khalifa and everything else that has happened has made society numb to everything. That's why things today are nothing like the way they were in the past, such as legalizing things that were once atrocious, such as Marijuana smoking and gay marriage.

The story of Kriz Reefa was not about Wiz Khalifa at all because his first song “Black and Yellow” did not reference marijuana at all. The moral of the story was loyalty to friends which society has lost a lot of. All the time on social media it’s always the same thing people getting mad at each other for being fake. Friends hating on each other for cheating or telling secrets or for not hanging out together. Society nowadays is so focused on an egoistic point of view that it has no more time for real friends. People claim to have thousands of followers on twitter and instagram yet only know like two people in real life. The point of the story was to tell society that if you’re honest and loyal to friends, none of them should be fake and together you will be able to accomplish so much. Today’s world everyone is only looking out for themselves and is willing to use others without remorse to achieve it’s goal. But the more that these actions continue loyalty starts to die out and soon enough no one will be loyal to anything. More than anything the character and story are to talk about the hypocrisy that society has on morals. How they claim to follow morals but end up breaking them in seconds when they seen it will benefit them.