Mt Pleasant Awana

Directors' Newsletter

February 3, 2016

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Welcome Back to Awana!! We had just taken our Christmas Break, and returned for one whole week, when "Wham!", we get slammed with...uh, typical Winter Weather! But boy, I sure wish it would wait until the Awana year is over! Ha ha!

I hope the excitement for your clubbers hasn't been frozen out! :) "Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven." - Matt. 19:14 Let's relight the flame of compassion for these precious young souls, and come yearning to share the Gospel!

This Week in Awana

This week we are introducing a brand new Special Night...."Souper Bowl Night", in preparation for the big Super Bowl this coming Sunday night (After Church! :)

I know we haven't been able to announce this due to the cancellations the past 2 weeks, but if you can, please contact your clubbers by phone and tell them to wear their favorite football team colors, Broncos or Panthers. Or if they don't like either team, they can wear any favorite team apparel. Also, encourage your clubbers to bring a canned food item. Bonus points can be awarded for Team clothing and Canned Food brought in.

Each Club is encouraged to bring soup or some other treat to share with your clubbers, and be sure to emphasize that we have a "Super Savior" who gave His life for our sins!!

Our Penny March fundraiser for Mikinzi Casto will continue through Feb 17, due to the weather cancellations. Please encourage your clubbers to ask their parents for donations to help this needy family, and please pray about what God would have You to give. Also, encourage your leaders as well to pray about making a freewill donation towards this fundraiser. You can give your personal donations to Lisa Jordan or myself, and we will include it in the final count, but not in the Penny March competition.

Upcoming Events

Next week, Feb 10, will be "Whole Heart Night". More information soon about this special event night,

Our "Snowball Fight Night" will have to be moved to March 2 due to the recent cancellations. We will remind you later about this event.

*** Special Reminders ***

I truly appreciate the hard work each of you do for this great ministry. I know I've said it many times... You all are doing a great job for the Lord!

Sometimes we all need reminded of a few of our Awana rules, as I know it can really get hectic some nights. Ok.....most nights! :)

I just wanted to remind each of you as Directors to be sure and use the Awana 5-count to get your club's attention, and to utilize the 3-count for individual clubbers who struggle to obey your club's rules, whether in the classroom, during Game time, or during Opening and Closing ceremonies.

The first count is a nice warning that they have disobeyed a rule. The second count is when you and a leader counsel with the unruly clubber apart from the rest of the clubbers.

And should they reach Count #3, please bring that clubber to me, and I or Lisa Jordan will either walk the child over to Brother Barrett (if he or she rides a bus) or to their parents, or else, we will go ask the appropriate adult to come get this child who doesn't want to cooperate with our guidelines.

Although it is not a pleasant measure to have to take, this will work if we are consistent in our discipline of our clubbers. Please remind each of your Leaders to follow these procedures, so every boy and girl will have an opportunity to enjoy each club meeting to the fullest! :)

God bless you all!

Commander Mark