Bright Lights of May

Sure is busy around here!

Check your schedules

It has been a very busy time for our students since they returned from spring break. This will continue as we move through May and toward the end of the year. Please be sure to read the communication from your child's teacher about what's coming up. Thanks!

Be Ready for a terrific Assembly

Be sure to have the kids at school on time this coming Wednesday for the monthly assembly! We have three very special parts to the event and being on time is very important. We start at 8:50 with the Pledge. Thanks!

Skating has been AWESOME!

Lots of skating in the gym recently. The new floor has added some new techniques in that the surface isn't as smooth and hard as the old tile. The new softer surface is easier to have a better landing and to provide some resistance while skating.

4Th Grade WI Expo

After a month of preparation, review of sites, getting down to the facts, asking good questions, and putting on some special touches, the 4th graders produced some outstanding projects. We are so proud of them!