National Drug Control Policy

By Dakota Wullenwaber

When was the ONDCP created?

The ONDCP was created in 1989 following, and as part of, the Anti-drug Abuse Act of 1988 because of the war on drugs. America's goal was the become a drug free nation so that's what it set out to do.

Why was the ONDCP established?

The ONDCP was created to advise the president on drug control issues, coordinate drug control activities, and produce an annual drug control strategy. They come up with ideas on how to approach drug reduction, and promote the consequences one can face. They also determine criminal justice policies for people abusing drugs and aligning them so they receive the necessary and proper consequences for their specific situation that individual(s). They receive federal funding to conduct scientific research on what these drugs do to the human body and learn how to discourage use of it. Funding also goes to community based programs for people's who need help with their addiction. Early intervention programs are also available to people who are in the early stages of their drug abuse.

Leaders of the ONDCP

R. Gil Kerlikowske was sworn in as director of the ONDCP on May 7th, 2009. There's a deputy director behind the director, and several other branches. Leadership positions include Deputy Director of Demand Reduction, Director of state, local, and tribal affairs, and Deputy Director of Demand Reduction. All these branches are allowing the ONDCP to become focused on specific conflicts and figure out the best possible way to bring drug abuse to an end and make sure it's not available to people.

They have 98 full time employees who make about $105,211 a year. So they make an excellent salary. They funding was cut from 2007 28 million to 11.5 million.

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